So, this little red-headed boy has been in my head for over a month now. I wrote a story about him and everything. He has a little monster friend too. I have fallen in love with him and sketch him all the time. I was in a meeting 2 weeks ago at work and doodled a scene from the story. I knew I needed to paint it. Before I could I saw a special on Sunday Morning. Then read an article in the New York Times. Then heard it on NPR. It is about the Steven Spielberg/George Lucas show at the Smithsonian. They are avid collectors of Norman Rockwell paintings and they are loaning their collection to the museum for public viewing. I officially heart them.I have loved Norman Rockwell since I was a young teen I got one of his books, a huge one, filled with his illustrations that I would just peruse for hours and hours in utter awe at his talent and skill. At Christmas I bought a book that detailed how he set up each painting. Meticulously scouting and photographing and setting up every scene until it was perfect. The man is a genius and his talent boggles my mind.

So while I am watching this, up pops the image of “High Dive.” And staring at me is my layout. I had forgotten ever seeing the image. But there it was. My inspiration. Obviously. I loved it. It is a quiet tribute to an amazing talent painted with my humble skills. Thank you Norman for sharing your genius with the world. Your idyllic America is what I try to create in my  art and everyday world.