Wanna know a secret that most everyone knows? Well friends and family anyways – so MY everyones. I am a Facebook addict. Yup. I love it. I think it is the best thing since sliced bread. Or cheese. Cheese is so much better than bread right? Mmmmm….cheese…..Oh, where was I? Right. Facebook. Love the connection. Love making friends, finding old ones, keeping in touch, reading the news. I. Just. Love. It. And I am ok with that. I do not need any 12 step programs. It is a good addiction.

I post a few times a day. I often post pictures. I love to let people know what is going on in my life. I am just open like that. I even posted my engagement as it happened, much to the horror of some that thought it was inappropriate. Oh well. I don’t care. It is my life and I live it how I want.

Many people have commented to me offline that my life is ridiculous. It is TOO happy. TOO sugary. Too GOOD. And I admit, it does seem that way. But only because it TOTALLY is that way. I mean, bad stuff happens. Of course it does. But I don’t focus on that, instead I choose to see the good. I like to truly relish in the good, so that when the bad happens, as it will, and it WILL, I can say, “Well, this is truly dreadful. But the good times will come again and until then, I will wallow just a bit, then find some happy in this big, giant, mess of bad/sad/grumpy/chaos.” And you know what? That  works! For reals! And the more you do it, the less the wallow time, until suddenly, everyone is super annoyed at your sunshiney happy life and they accuse you of being full of it. And you will enjoy it. On account of you know the truth. Your life truly IS that good. And don’t we all like to irritate others with our blissful happiness? Oh, you do too. Liar.

So lemme tell you about yesterday. I have a point. Really. Stick with me a lil’ bit longer. First I posted a really cute painting of my dogs. That drive me nuts. Here, let me show you:

See? Did I lie? Totally cute. And they are totally evil. Really. In the actual incident the paint was green, but I had painted the floor green already, so I changed it to red – artistic license and all that. We came home that night and it looked like a leprechaun massacre had happened. White carpet. Not lying. My dogs=Evil. Moving on.

Ok, then later, I got a rejection from a publisher via my agent. Now, after how many rejections I have had, the sting is gone. Dozens and dozens and dozens of rejections give  you a thick skin. (and dozens) On occasion there is one that sucks a bit more than another – usually due to PMS or a bad day at work or you came home to your dogs having eaten the couch. On those days? Well, it is nothing a good stiff, dirty martini can’t fix. And yesterday was NOT one of those days. I saw my agent’s email, sighed and braced myself, then read it. There were very nice things said, “We love her art, super charming, love it, but….” So. Many. Buts. And I moved on. But I thought it would make a funny Facebook status. On account of I love Facebook. (see how I have brought it full circle? I am clever like that.) And so, I posted this:

I love rejection letters from publishers. They build character. They make you really appreciate other things in life. Like chocolate. And vodka. And…. Yeah, that’s pretty much it.

And lots of people rallied around me. Because they are awesome. People are awesome. And I love them. They are my lovelies. And they saw me fall down and within moments, MOMENTS so many put out a hand to pick me back up. See why I love Facebook? Because of stuff like that. So I assured everyone I really was ok, and that life is just dandy and thank you so much for being so supportive. Love. Those. Friends. 🙂

But the story does not end there. (geeze, I should really update more regularly so these entries are not so looong.) So I am all happy and feeling good and decide a chocolatey mocha from Starbucks will make life just dandy on my way to Ronald McDonald House (RMH). I volunteer there once a week to paint with the the kids in treatment and their parents. It puts life in perspective LICKITY SPLIT. So I have my lovely coffee drink and am on my way and call my husband. And husband tells me how he just got his official commission letter into the Naval Reserves.

Lemme digress a moment. Oh my hunny. Oh can this man not do anything??** He amazes me on a daily basis. See, he got into the Naval Academy as an 18 year old, but did not go. A decision that would haunt him and he would regret forever. A while back, before meeting me, he decided he wanted to go into the Naval Reserves. Still fulfill his dream in a different level. He had to do many things to be ready. And he did them all – some before he met me, some after. And of course once I met him and he shared this dream (with a DREAMER) I encouraged him all the way! I would be lying if I didn’t freak once or twice over the thought of him being deployed, but well, he is serving his country and well, it is his dream. And he is going to be doing top secret computer-y stuff that is all classified and IS THAT NOT SUPER SEXY??? Anyway, it is all official now since Congress has approved him and he is only one of a handful of people chosen to be able to do this and in the next days he will take his oath and OH MY GOODNESS did I mention the sexy that that he is?? And he is HAPPY and I am HAPPY and life is just SO GOOD.

And he says to me, “Baby, your time is coming, I feel it.” And I say, “Baby, my time is now. Now is so good. Life is so good. And I don’t need a book deal to feel like life is going right for me, it already is right. It is all good. I love the process. But…I do feel like something good is going to happen soon too. Even with today’s rejection.” And I told him I would call him on my way home and I would get Taco Bell because it sounded yummy and I had done a 45 minute workout the day before. Ahem. Sometimes you gotta splurge on junk.

So in the parking lot of RMH, I check my email. And I see 2 emails from my agent. Lordee, ok, I am being positive, but let’s not test my limits, mmm’kay? I read the first one. It is a submission. Okee dokee. So the second one must be the super quick rejection. Great. (I joke with a friend of mine that writess YA novels and how it takes so long for her to get feedback and  sure, I get feedback quicker than her. They only need 5 minutes to read MY books and reject them. YA’s take time.) I almost don’t look at the email on account of I had no vodka in the car. But I click anyways and see this from the publisher:

Okay, have to tell you – we REALLY like this!
Any idea when [the companion book] might be available?

HOT DAMN. No SH*T. REALLY?? And my agent is all, “Well????!!!! Do you?!?!?!” So I write back, YES! I will have the text to you tomorrow and can have a dummy by Monday! HELLO!

So this morning I got out my sketchbooks and found the blurbs and notes here and there for the text to the companion book that goes with the book they REALLY like – did you note the ALL CAPS? I did not do that, the publisher did. She all capped REALLY. 😀 – and write the text.

And about 2 hours ago I emailed the second book text to my agent and am working on the sketches. And I am doing the happy dance! All over the place!!

And in the publishing world, this only means that a publisher liked my book. A lot. But that does not mean anything else. Even with the companion book. And I know that. But this is the closest I have gotten so far and I am going to relish it, enjoy it, swim in it and soak in it. Because ultimately it could be a no, and if that happens, I will at least know that I truly, madly, deeply enjoyed the part right before that. And it is SO GOOD.

**Husband just got a book deal last week and signed his contract with his publisher. It is a computer-y book. See? The man can do ANYTHING. Sexy.

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