Anniversary weekend. I only almost died once. For reals.

My amazing husband (Are you getting tired of how amazing he is? Do you think I am making him up? Do you think maybe he is really awful and I just pretend that he is amazing so that I don’t have to face the fact that I have a dreary life? I’m sorry, but he really is that awesome. And I have zero clue how I found him.) surprised me with a surprise trip. It was fantastical. And involved the ocean. And great friends. And great drinks. And romantic moments. And snorkeling. (I totally touched a sea cucumber! They are gooey! And kind of ew-y.) And gazing looks. And great food. And together with all that good food and drink, we made a baby. A food baby. And it is sitting in my stomach. All puffy and large. And as I don’t want anymore kiddies thankyouverymuch, I am gonna have to diligently exercise it off for the next few weeks. Sorry baby, mama’s pants are too tight – you are gonna have to go.

And it was awesome. Except for the part where I almost got swept out to sea while snorkeling. That is a true statement. And only slightly exaggerated. But it is late. So I will tell it tomorrow. But in the mean time, I will post pictures of my fantastical weekend provided by my amazing (stop rolling your eyes, I can totally see you) husband. Srsly, tune in tomorrow to hear how I totally almost died. Really.

I would add descriptions but it is late and I need to git. I inserted as a slide show and doesn’t allow desriptions. But just so you know I at least ordered it for you – so it starts with the drive where I had no idea where we were going and ends right after I almost got swept out to sea while snorkeling. But didn’t. Luckily. On account of that would make a very BAD one year anniversary story and I don’t have much life insurance so after paying off my car payment, student loans and paying for a super cheap burial, Kevin and the kids would get a buck fifty each. We are changing that tomorrow because I would totally want them all to be able to at least go out to a super nice dinner and toast my swept out to sea memory or something. Only being able to buy off the Taco Bell 99 cent menu in my memory just seems wrong. Tasty. But wrong.

Speaking of tasty Taco Bell – workouts resume tomorrow. I got that food baby to banish and I have no business discussing memorial beef burritos.


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