What’s another task on my list?

I finished transferring all the final approved sketches to the final illustration paper. I will begin painting the illustrations for my books tomorrow! I am so excited!! And of course I got an email from a lovely woman asking me for the third time if I want to donate a painting to her charity – the Labrador Friends of the South. She had emailed me a month ago and of course I had not gotten back to her. Along with several other people I TOTALLY owe an email or phone call! (I am so sorry! I am getting to you, I promise!)

The funny thing is, I had thought about this women and the charity just this morning. And I was regretting not getting back to her and wondering if I was too late. And of course she emailed me today! Because I thought of the painting idea today. SO I HAD to paint it. And so she emailed. And they need it this Friday. And I will deliver it this Friday. Along with everything else to do this week like a chorus concert for Sophie, a band concert for Noah, work, a dentist appointment for me, starting my book illustrations and the pet portrait I have due. And did I mention I want to blog more and document the progress of my first ever childrens picture books for all the people that want to do this too?? Oh, and starting my training schedule for the half marathon in February. Ah well, I love life like this. I am a liar if I say I don’t. (Oh! And I promised Sophie to do the house decorations this week! May have to push that the weekend.)

For the past two years I have donated to this labrador rescue.The first year I did a summer scene with a yellow lab. Last year I did a winter scene with a black lab. And this year is a spring scene with, of course, a chocolate lab. I just finished sketching it and I can hardly wait to paint it. Here is the sketch:

It will be turquoise, green brown and pink – cherry blossoms!!

Now if I didn’t have to go to stupid ol’ work this week I could just paint all week instead. Darn bills and money! One day maybe I’ll be like Picasso and I can pay people with dog paintings. heh. 😉

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