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I am eating my lunch – chicken gumbo soup; fascinating right? – and am putting up a quick post. I love to document things on this blog. I love to look back and see what I can accomplish over time. It is a marathon, not a sprint – a mantra I tell myself over and over when I get frustrated at times. When I look back over all the entries over all the years I have been writing, I can see it all so clearly. It can be so hard to recognize it in the daily grind of the day at times.

I can say that I am truly in love with the process of my career right now. I just layed out all the spreads for my dogs book. I am picking the color palettes so the flow is what I want it to be. There is a wonderful anticipation going on in my little studio right now. The second that brush hits the paper, a flow will happen. I will get in a zone. I will paint hours at a time, not noticing the time. I will paint late into the night and can hardly wait to get at it in the morning. Days I have ‘work’ will be all I can do to get through my office hours and back to my studio. I can hardy wait for the Christmas break and all the days in a row of uninterrupted painting time. There is a peace that comes over me, a rightness with everything when I am painting. When I paint the outlines that finish up each of my paintings, the feeling is…almost impossible to describe. Satisfaction. Joy. Happiness. Fulfillment. None of those words are right and all of them are at the same time. I love that my busiest times for painting always coincide with the holiday season. It puts me in exactly the right head space and not the frantic shopping rush so many get caught up in. Sure my house may not be decorated to the nines – there is a Santa here and there and the tree will go up Monday – but it sure FEELS filled up with Christmas cheer in here!

Well, my soup is done. Time to get back at it. I hope to be painting until late into the night. Here we go!

Here is my book minus a few spreads that didn’t fit. ‘A before’ shot if you will.

And I must take this time to publicly thank my amazing husband for being so low key and easy-going that he let me turn our formal living room into a studio this past year. Especially since I am not the most neatest or organized of sorts. Of course he did insist on french doors that can be closed to hide it when need be. 😉

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