I never, EVER get sick. Ever.

Yet. Here I am sitting on the couch with a not very happy stomach, a headache a gingerale and willing myself to be able to paint. And I all I want to do is sleep. Or go visit this amazing little dude.

He is my new nephew Nikolai. And he is just about the sweetest, cutest guy ever, right? My parents are at my sister’s house. We were all supposed to go over there for the day. I just wanna hold him and hug him and smell him and look at him. The kids, hubbie and I. Instead I came home from work early with just perfect timing. Perfect timing for what, you ask? To not have to pull over on the side of the road and lose my lunch there. made it to the guest bath. I will leave it at that.

As bad as i feel I can’t feel sorry for myself. Life is way too good lately. But still. I HATE being sick. HATE. I will have a much more upbeat post soon. I am going to try to paint. I am almost done with my cats! So excited! Deadline is January 28 and I will make it happen! Sick or not!

Off I go.

Chickadee needs a dog and we are GONNA GIT HER ONE!

Ok peeps! This is where the rubber meets the road. This is where we make a change. This is where one person makes a difference. This is where YES, just $5 makes a difference.

Meet Chickadee.
IS she not the cutest thing EVER? I know, right? Well, Miss Chickadee has Rett Syndrome. And it means a lot of things. And you can read about it on her mom’s site here. But what she REALLY needs RIGHT now is a therapy dog. And well, I am ALL ABOUT dogs and I am ALL ABOUT kids. So I am ALL ABOUT getting little Miss Chickadee a therapy dog!

What’s in it for you, you ask? Besides a golden ticket straight to heaven, you mean? Every single person that has donated already or donates until we hit goal gets entered into a chance to win a 16×20 pet portrait! For free! With free shipping to ANYWHERE! Don’t have a dog? Make it a gift! Give your prize to anyone else! AND you get a golden ticket straight into heaven. Shhhh…God only gave me a few of these, but he totes said I can use it for this cause.

Didn’t win, but did donate? I STILL LOVE YOU! Well, how about 50% off a pet portrait from me? On any size you want! Any time! Does not expire And you only have to donate a couple bucks – even a dollar! And don’t have the money for a pet portrait now? Order it two years from now, I don’t care, I will fulfill my promise! Let’s just get this child a dog!!

It gets even better!!

I am going to paint a portrait of her therapy dog as soon as she gets it. Then I am going to sell prints of it to keep helping raise money!

Why am I doing this? Because it is the right thing to do. And it makes me feel good. And it will make you feel good to. Read more about Chickadee here.

And donate here.

And win a 16×20 pet portrait by donating. A random winner from the donation list will be pulled. Journey Beyond Survival will announce it when they have raised enough for the pup!

Now go feel good!

And donate here.

And donate here.

And donate here.

One down, one to go.

Happy New Year Y’all!!

Finished all the illos for Dogs, Dogs! Now onto Cats, Cats! Have not had a chance to breathe it seems like. I need to do a proper update for the end of the year. I have truly had a magical 2010 and I already feel that magic spilling over into 2011. My life is just amazing and I could not ask for anything more. I know I am gushing, but what is a girl to do when she has an amazing family, amazing friends, a dream career and 3 dopey, drooly, dirty dogs? She gushes. That is what.

So I have been painting, painting, painting. And running, running, running. Because what does a type A girl do when she has a crazy art deadline two books? She decides she simply MUST run a half marathon a week after her deadline is past. I like deadlines? I am crazy? Both. Well my husband just confirms the crazy part. And he says to make sure you all know the Type A part does NOT transfer to cooking, laundry or housework and what is up with THAT? hee.

It is killing me not to show you my illos, but I can’t. Must keep you all in suspense! And need you to buy my books when they are ready this fall so that I can sell other books!

But I will give you one sneaky peaky. Howz that? Ok, I can’t. But here is me on New Year’s talking pics of my friends who were taking pics of me. Because yes, I am that addicted to my phone. Ah well, it is better than drugs, right? Right. Ahem.

Important post coming tomorrow! 😀