One down, one to go.

Happy New Year Y’all!!

Finished all the illos for Dogs, Dogs! Now onto Cats, Cats! Have not had a chance to breathe it seems like. I need to do a proper update for the end of the year. I have truly had a magical 2010 and I already feel that magic spilling over into 2011. My life is just amazing and I could not ask for anything more. I know I am gushing, but what is a girl to do when she has an amazing family, amazing friends, a dream career and 3 dopey, drooly, dirty dogs? She gushes. That is what.

So I have been painting, painting, painting. And running, running, running. Because what does a type A girl do when she has a crazy art deadline two books? She decides she simply MUST run a half marathon a week after her deadline is past. I like deadlines? I am crazy? Both. Well my husband just confirms the crazy part. And he says to make sure you all know the Type A part does NOT transfer to cooking, laundry or housework and what is up with THAT? hee.

It is killing me not to show you my illos, but I can’t. Must keep you all in suspense! And need you to buy my books when they are ready this fall so that I can sell other books!

But I will give you one sneaky peaky. Howz that? Ok, I can’t. But here is me on New Year’s talking pics of my friends who were taking pics of me. Because yes, I am that addicted to my phone. Ah well, it is better than drugs, right? Right. Ahem.

Important post coming tomorrow! 😀

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