Mini Goals – I love em!

Man, oh man….two days in a row! Crazy, right? I know. Yesterday after pulling out all those journals I started looking through them. What a trip down memory lane. Some amazing ideas and drawings I will revisit and some absolutely heart breaking entries where I had no idea what the hell I was doing. So nice to look back and see how it worked out. And that I never killed myself or quit in those moments of desperation. Phew!

I have so many long term career goals I am working on. A successful book publishing career, a career in the craft industry, licensing industry…I write it all down and get overwhelmed often. I am a goal oriented, type-A person when it come to almost everything in my life. I do however, manage to relax when it comes to cooking, cleaning and laundry. My poor husband, he thought he got it all. Not quite. πŸ˜‰

So what I like to do when I have a huge life to do list? I like to add to it. Goals like, run a half marathon and train for it. Right when I am in the middle of trying to finish all the art for my new books in a crazy short period of time. And then I like to sucker my husband into running the races with me. Then I mask the whole thing and pretend it is a ‘vacation’ get my family to show up and then my poor, unsuspecting husband is in a great mood right up until the night before when he realizes, “Holy crap! You did it to me again, Michelle! How is it I agreed to run 13 miles tomorrow and why can you not EVER find a race to run when it is not freezing out??” Ah, well, it is all about meeting goals. I never said it was always gonna be fun!

So my awesome parents came to meet us at Tybee Island for the half marathon. It is a very special place because we got married on the beach there. We basically eloped and only took the kids. So we brought the kids back with us for the run and had a great family time. And so what if it rained for the first 8 miles. Lots of rain. In the cold. And the wet. They played Jimmy Buffett music all over the island and the locals were AMAZING! They stood on the streets with umbrellas waving and telling us crazy runners what a good job we were doing!!

And so WHAT if I trained my big ol’ butt off and did all my long runs and did all the right things but did not hydrate enough and got cramped legs at mile 10 and had to walk/run the last 3 miles. And SO WHAT if my husband never trained for more than 50 minutes and ran the whole thing in 2:14 and had an awesome run. Men….GRRRR…. πŸ˜‰

In the end it was so much fun. I love my parents and am so glad they came for the race. It was wonderful. Here are some pics!

My Awesome Parents. All lovey dovey!

All of us the night of the race. Rested and happy. But sore. I was sooooo sore. And Noah and I had the pirate thing going on. Because we are that cool. THAT. COOL.

5 minutes before the race started. It just started to rain. Look how happy we are! Isn’t my husband such a good sport?!

This is us right after I finished. My legs are all cramped up and sore. My husband has been done for over 20 minutes and is all, “Want some beer??? Want some of this chili?? It’s great!” and I am all, “Um, how about some advil. What does a chick need to do to get an advil?”

And this is us with our awesome medals!!! Look how I am smiling and pretending like I can feel my legs. I should be an actress.

And this is the MOST AWESOME seagull ever! And it was $14 and I convinced my husband I HAD to have it for my studio. It would be my beach house seagull until we got an actual beach house. Doesn’t it look perfect in my studio? I know, right?

And it was a lovely weekend. And my legs have recovered nicely and another goal was met. Now I will find another one to do with my husband to make him do that really cute head shake eye-roll thing. πŸ˜€

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