My love affair with a little green monster continues.

About a week and a half ago I made myself a Whatif Monster. It is ridiculous how cute he is. And how much I love him. And probably how much I talk to him. My husband asks a bit carefully, “You don’t actually hear him answer you back, do you?” And I carefully reply, not wanting to be committed anywhere, “Um, no. Don’t be silly! Of course not!”

But the truth? I totally do! I mean, I created him. Of course I hear his voice. I know how he sounds. I know what he thinks. At first, I thought he was mean. He had mean eyebrows that asked questions in a scary way. “What if you fail???” But then as I really waited for him to tell me in his voice, I realize he is timid. And scared. He is speaks softly, almost a whisper. “What if you…fail?” And that was when I knew how much he needs to be in the world. We all hear him all the time. But what we don’t realize is that we need to hold, him, comfort him and reassure him. “It’s okay. We might fail. But if we do, we just pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off and try again, Whatif Monster. We can do it together.” And then he tries. Don’t you think every little kid needs their own Whatif Monster? And every adult for that matter? Maybe if we realize we just need to be brave and know we have a friend to be there with us even if we do fail, we can get through anything. And when we don’t fail? We have a friend to celebrate our triumphs! Big and small.

I am hard at work working on my book all about him. The text is done. i am just working out the images that are in my head to get them on to paper. Because I really, really believe we all need to meet the Whatif Monster and realize he is not so scary after all.

Once I made my Whatif Monster, I began taking him everywhere to meet people. Everyone seems to love him like I do!

This is where the Whatif Monster hangs out during the day when all are at work and school. Between Bert the Farting Hippo (NCIS) and Tardy the Turtle. They get along great!

He worries when I drive. I tell him I have never had an accident! He still tells me to be careful and slow down. A lot!

I was getting a massage from the awesome Genessa – Whatif wanted to try too. After his initial fear he settled right in and wondered why he had never done this before!

We here at the Schmidt household love, love, LOVE to watch ghost shows! Whatif was a skeerdy cat. He asked Kevin to hold him. Is my husband not fantastical??

Tammy fell hard for the little green guy. What’s not to love?

Maggie resisted the urge not to kidnap the Whatif Monster. She loved him lots and lots!

Noah and his girlfriend being REALLY good sports for teenagers. They are awesome!

I hiked up the Stone Mountain to scout a photoshoot for work. The Whatif Monster worried he wouldn’t make it all the way up. Look! He TOTALLY did!!

How much do I love my Whatif Monster? SOOOO much! I hope you do too!

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