Why I love to run

The essence? Right here:

This is me sharing my love of running with my daughter, Sophia. I can’t begin to truly put into words and express how much it means to me that she has started doing races with me. This is her second 5K. I began my love affair with running when I asked my dad if I could go run with him in the mornings when I was 11 years old. Sophie is 12. She began to join me this year. Passing on a love and a legacy. I am not the fastest runner. I don’t win races. I don’t beat my PRs regularly. It is about finishing. It is about achieving the goal. It is about the time I get to spend in my head being selfish. Thinking the thoughts I want to think. Nothing else that is going on later that day or happened earlier that day matters when I am running. When I finish a run my head is clear, my endorphins are surging and I am strong and confident. My father gave that to me when he introduced me to running. I hope to pass that to my daughter. “Selfish” is not a four letter word. It is necessary. One cannot give if one is not filled up. I take time every day to fill myself up. Then I am happy to empty myself out to others knowing the next day I will replenish. It is that simple.

I love to share my joy of running with others too. Last Sunday Jules and Anda did their first 5K in many years. It was wonderful. And fun. And joyful. And everything exercise and filling yourself up should be. 🙂

And just look at what we got to see at about mile 2. And people wonder why us runners do this. Here’s why.

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