Happy Friday!

I am off to have a night of fun and laughter with my two awesome sisters and their kids. I had a great work week, got lots done, was super productive and can’t wait to get at starting edits I got back from my editor on one of my books. I have a blog post coming up about that. Hoping to write that tomorrow.

Since I am trying very hard to post regularly again, I wanted to pop in and tell all you lovelies to have a FANTASTICAL weekend!

Noah is leaving on Sunday for 3 weeks at Duke TIP camp at UGA and of course he forgot a million and one things at my house so I am about to run them over to his dad’s house now. Truly. A million and one. Thank goodness that kid’s head is attached. šŸ˜‰

Here are the two pet portrait commissions I just finished and will hopefully be delivering this weekend. Meet Callie and Zoey!

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