What’s been keeping me busy

1. Kids doing their summer kid stuff at friends and camps and girl scouts.

2. Awesome parties with amazing friends and family.

3. Travels to Florida to visit amazing friends and families.

4. Getting my PUBLISHED BOOKS IN THE MAIL that you can buy here or here. Seriously. Go buy them. Now. I can wait……. Back? K, good!! I love you forever and ever!

5. Editing stories about fuzzy green monsters. (that my publisher loves! Cross fingers!)

6. Writing stories about flying pigs that I am about to send to my agent. Cross fingers!

7. Getting my portfolio ready for this. I am SOOOO EXCITED!

8. And in the past five days? Otto Von Schmidt!!

And yes he will be spoiled ROTTEN. Clearly. And yes he will come with me to book signings and festivals. And yes he is the cutest thing ever and he and my other GIANT pups are getting along. And YES he will have a book written about him. I mean, Just LOOK at him!!!

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