Busy week with lots of happy and cute!

This past week I have been busy training Mr.Otto Von Schmidt, designing, new business cards, designing some fabric, editing flying pig stories, making Whatif Monsters and working on my portfolio for the SCWBI conference in LA. So busy!! Such a great week! And today I am off to Auburn, Alabama for a writer’s retreat with two of my awesome writer friends! A friend is keeping Mr. Otto for me as hubbie has a reserve weekend. I’m not nervous about leaving him at all. Much. 😉

I am particularly excited about my new piggie PB! My agent was really excited about it and loved it! She has not gotten this excited about one of my stories since Dogs, Dogs! Don’t get me wrong, she is very encouraging and likes my work, but usually there is a lot of feedback and critique. This one just hit it right with her – makes me very excited! I can’t decide if I will include that or my Whatif Monster dummies at the conference. Maybe both. Knowing me, I will try really hard to make the time. I would love to have both books seen by so many editors, publishers and art directors.

I have also been getting lots of emails about school visits which I am SO excited for! So far lots in Georgia and I have confirmed visits for Panama City, Florida and Charlston, SC. I am beyond excited to go share my books with so many kids. Literally a dream come true. I cannot believe it is all actually happening – something I have wanted for so long. Still just takes my breath away when I stop and think about it all. I am so very lucky.

Well, this is a pretty boring entry, but I wanted to keep up to date. I’ll give you some things to look at that make me smile from ear to ear to make this more interesting and end on a fun note! 😀

These are the new cards I just designed and ordered. I can’t wait to get them. LOVE the die-cut that Uprinting</a> offers for SUCH a great price!

And how CUTE is this?? My use-to-be-sister-in-law, Kim, makes these ridiculously cute tutus, her business is called Tutu Dreamy and you can see more on her etsy site. I ordered one for a friend’s daughter and asked her to make a Whatif Monster-sized too. The little girl that I am giving it to has a light purple one and loves girly stuff! I am going to be offering Whatif’s with tutus soon on my etsy site. But if you need a tutu for your little girl, GO!! But be warned you may die from cuteness. Especially from the baby ones and the tutu wands!!

Kadence, Sophie and Noah’s cousin, and Kim’s daughter, had a birthday in May. I made her a Whatif Monster in teal/blue for a bleated birthday present. I gave it to her when Kim dropped off the tutus. Could you not just fall down dead from the cuteness??? I KNOW.

And finally, let’s end with the ever adorable Otto Von Schmidt who is a little on the needy side as far as coworkers go, but I really don’t mind. But dude, he does not spare your feelings when giving a critique. Ouch. 😉

2 thoughts on “Busy week with lots of happy and cute!

  1. hi Michelle, I stopped by to check what are you up too, it seems like you’ve been busy, so exciting! So happy to know you are going to the conference, I will be there too, it will be great to catch up with you again! I will see you soon, Luciana

  2. Oh Luciana!! i am so excited you will be there too! It will be wonderful! Cannot wait! 😀

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