Public Love Note to my AMAZING Husband

I just finished a whirlwind cleaning of my house before hunkering down this morning to get LOTS done. Four dogs and two kids make for a constant MESS. And constant need for vacuuming. And have I mentioned all the puppy pee? Not to mention the constant needs of a puppy? And have I told you I am one of those gross people that forgets to wash the toothpaste out of the sink every day and my husband’s sink is SPOTLESS? Yeah, I’m THAT person. What can I say? Chaos is where I thrive. Where I am most comfortable. Where ideas come and come and come. I love my life. I think my life drives other people insane at the thought of how I live. People that like order and tidiness and discipline become unraveled at how I live my life. I think one of those people is my husband. I know he is actually. The man is in the military. The man was raised by a man in the military. The man lives his life with ORDER. You should see his closet. You should see mine. I am not quite sure how it is we work. And how we manage to stay crazy in love with each other and adore each other.

And sometimes I forget that my love and need for chaos is very, very hard on my sweet, sweet, (have I mentioned patient?) husband.

So today I am making it a point to make sure my sweet, patient husband comes home to a clean, nice-smelling, quiet house. The big dogs will have been fed and taken out and in the basement for a bit. Only Otto will be upstairs and he chills when he is with me. We will have drinks and appetizers on the deck with some slow relaxing music.And maybe we will just order pizza. Because my husband loves pizza almost as much as me. Or maybe more when he comes home to dogs wildly running through the back yard off their leashes and I am laughing in the middle of the crazy. And he is NOT. And that is my gift to the man that puts up with my crazy, my chaos, my insane ideas that launch websites with monsters and going out of town to help sell books that don’t necessarily bring a paycheck into our house.

Thank you baby for loving me. And you are stuck with me. Forever. I love you. 😀

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