Why I love you and why my 15 year old has to admit he is wrong. heh.

Last week my son and I were in the car waiting on his sister to get out of her improv class. There is a lot of sitting and waiting on kids when you are a parent. Especially when they are in middle and high school – after school activities you know. I probably sit and wait more than most. I share custody of my kids. (I hate that word, ‘custody.’ Makes the kids sound like possessions. Ick. Terrible.) Anyway. Two years ago we ended up moving into my husband’s house that was about 25 minutes from where we all had lived – me, the kids, their dad, their school, etc. We tried to sell the house my husband already had and buy one where we were renting, but we all know the housing market… Hence we live 25 minutes away. And the weeks I have the kids, there is a lot of driving. And waiting when need be.

Back to the story. This waiting leaves time for talking with one of the kids one-on-one a lot of times. I love that. My kids and I are really close and can talk about anything. I love that too. So my son, is 15. And like many typical 15 year olds he can be rather, um, cynical is a way to put it. Nicely.

He is taking AP History and they are learning about world religions. And all the fighting that seems (ironically) to go hand-in-hand with loving your particular God, the land your particular God wants you to live on, and faith in your particular God. And how people think their particular God wants them to fight to the death for him and over. And over. Insert a cynical 15 year old that is learning about this, whom has also learned all about the major world wars that involved land and religion and lack of tolerance and well, you get a 15 year old that declares, “Mom, face it. People SUCK.”

Me: No. They don’t.

Son: Yes, mom. They do. You just like to wear your pretty rose-colored glasses and make your little dog paintings and green monsters and pretend they don’t suck. Your world of unicorns and rainbows is make-believe.

Me: They don’t suck. You are wrong. And my world is the actual world.

Son: You are deluded, Mother.

Me: No, I am not. It is just that the news does nothing but tell us terrible things. And the history books have to document all the terrible things so we can try not to repeat them again and again. So it SEEMS like people suck. But most people? They are awesome. And giving. And generous. And tolerant of each other.

Son: Mother. Puh-Leese.

Me: Okay. Think about YOUR world, son. Every single person in YOUR world. Not on tv, not on the news, not in the paper. Think about the people in YOUR world that you have DIRECT contact with. Can you think of anyone that is truly evil? That truly is a terrible person? That TRULY sucks?

Son: Hitler.

Me: Dude. I said that you know DIRECTLY.


Me: Exactly. Now, most people would not be able to come up with one truly evil, person that sucks. And if they could, it is probably only one or two people. Again, I mean a person that you DIRECTLY interact with. Therefore, if you take that fact and multiply it by EVERYONE, does it not make sense that the VAST MAJORITY of us people are good, and happy and nice and giving and tolerant?


Me: Yeah, well, you may not like it, but most of the people in this world are good, generous and loving people. Sorry your cynical 15 year old world can’t quite handle my rainbows and unicorns, but there are more of us out there than you think.

And when I get emails from people that support my Whatif Monster concept with encouraging words or by buying from my campaign? There is a cynical 15 year old that dies just a little inside because he has to ADMIT HIS MOTHER IS RIGHT.

And to that I say, THANK YOU LOVELY PEOPLE!!! 😀

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