He’s here! He’s dear! And he’ll take away your fear!!

OMGOSH!!!! He’s here! He’s here! And I am IN LOVE WITH HIM and the AWESOME folks at Binkley Custom Plush Toys!!!

If you haven’t already pre-ordered, you are going to want to NOW! Order your little Whatif Monster because he will take all your worries away for you. He will do the worrying and you go take your chances, risk, dare and DREAM! Because my little green dude is MAGIC! And with him by your side to remind you that life is not about worrying, but about LIVING and MAKING MISTAKES and LEARNING and TRYING AGAIN even if you fall flat on your face! He will be by your side no matter what!

Check out my dude!! (and I love you guys so much I didn’t even stop to clean up after I got off the treadmill I was SO EXCITED to share him with you! Ahem. Sorry about that. I really do love you. Good thing it’s not Smell-a-vision.)

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