Making Me Kinda Speechless – and that is hard to do with me.

Where to start? With the incredible children I am meeting everywhere that are changing my life one little face at a time? Or the incredible donation I got for my Whatif Monsters? Or perhaps the email I got from my agent as I pulled in to my driveway after two days and 10 presentations and on a SUPER high to get an email saying a publisher really wants to buy my book?

It seems unfair to have this much good all at once. I want to share it with everyone! At least when I can comp visits for schools with no budget for my visits I am doing something. And mark my words, I will give back more and more and more as I am able. I have BIG plans y’all, big ‘uns!!

So first I will start with the visits. These children never fail to touch me, to give me hope, to make me so utterly optimistic for our future. These children, OUR children – ALL of us in the AWESOME country, are AMAZING.

At the end of every presentation I make the kids listen to a promise I want them to make me. I tell them to really think about it before they agree to it, because I take promises VERY seriously and I try VERY hard to keep every promise I make. This is what I say:
“You all are young right now. You are learning so much. Some of you might already be hearing the little voice in your heart telling you what you are passionate about, what you love, what you are meant to do. Some of you might not hear that little voice for a while – and that is okay. Because one day, if you listen and really pay attention, I promise you will hear it. And I want you to promise me, that when you do, you will follow your heart, follow your passion, listen to that voice. Now, your goals might change a bit along the way, that is okay. Keep going. And you have to keep going even when it gets hard – and it WILL get hard. You might have to study longer and harder than all your friends, or practice something over and over when you would rather be playing a video game, or you might need to figure out how to get the money – I worked 3 part time jobs in art school, I know that part is extra hard, but if you DO NOT QUIT, you will make this world so amazing, so beautiful. And in 20 years, I want you to find me. I promise you will be able to find me somehow, I am everywhere out there on the internet and will be on whatever else is out there then. And I want you to call and say, ‘Miss. Michelle, when I was 6 you came and talked to my in Alabama. And now I am a doctor/teacher/artist/dancer/football player/writer/computer programmer… I kept my promise.’ Because can you imagine how amazing this world is gonna be in about 20 years of all of you follow your hearts and your dreams?? That is the future I am looking forward to! I am counting on all of you! now, who will make this promise?”

And when they raise their hands I tell them this is a pinkie promise and it is sacred, so they cannot break it. And people, these kids took it seriously. So rest assured, one child at a time, I am making this world EPIC in about 20 years! I have talked to about 5,000 kids so far and have pretty close to that many pinkie promises! Our future is set, I trust these kids! You’re welcome. 😉

And you might be thinking that kids don’t keep promises. Well, you are wrong, lemme tell you. Just look at these letters I have already gotten. BAM! So don’t you tell me this country is going down the toilet – these kids GOT THIS PEOPLE!

You visited my school on Nov. 2, Wellborn Elementary!!! You never even saw me but I wanted to Thank you!! You were an inspiration to me. You gave me the hope to follow my dream to be a vet!! I am just a plain ordinary girl in 5th grade, Nothing Special. I am just another kid wanting to make a difference. I hope you don’t think when you read this that these are just foolish words coming from a kid! Your story is a hope for all kids!!


My response:

Let me just tell you, you are something SO SPECIAL!!! Never write that or speak that you are nothing special ever again!

Do you know how few people would take the time to write me like you did? That alone puts you so far ahead of so many others!! I have absolutely NO doubt you will achieve your dreams and you absolutely will make a difference. You already have, sweetheart, you already have – by writing me. Your email to me means more than you might ever know. Never doubt how much impact one person has on this world. You will make a difference in this world, I am sure of it already.

Thank you for writing me a million times over from the bottom of my heart!

Have a wonderful day tomorrow and PLEASE keep in touch!

My very best,

Hi…I met you today at Wellborn Elementary…I asked you to paint my dog…my name is John and I promise to make something of my life, with God’s help and guidance.

I really enjoyed meeting you today and I am asking Santa Claus for your books…love, John

My response:
Dear John,

Your letter to me means more than I can ever explain in words. I have no doubt you already are, and are going to become an amazing man and be amazing at whatever it is YOUR little voice and God tells you to do and become!

I am going to talk to Santa and make sure he knows how to get you my books, too!!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart, John.

Miss Michelle
ps what kind of dog do you have?

Awesome, right? And then I melted in a puddle of love and happy.


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