My ship has come in! MONSTERS ARE HERE!

BUY YOUR MONSTER HERE!!!! (in case you don’t read to the bottom. ahem.)

Thursday, August 18, 2011 I requested a quote from a company that helps coordinate getting small production runs made of stuffed plushies. You see, I had written a book, Jonathan James and The Whatif Monster – that was not finished, not polished and not acquired by a publisher yet – so the most logical thing to do was spend about $6000 to get 1200 Whatif Monsters made. Right?

Welcome to my brain, folks! It’s crazy in here, but I promise you lots of FUN!. Ignore that man standing in the corner shaking his head, it’s just my poor husband. He has to go along for this ride EVERY day. Because he promised to. In a binding contract we both WILLINGLY agreed to. Ain’t love grand??

They told me the cost, I gulped a bit and asked my husband to borrow his credit card. “Use yours.” he said. “Um, I maxed-out all mine from forming my LLC and getting a Trademark for my monster that I will SURELY need when I started to sell these guys.” I said. My husband looked at me. “You ALREADY did all that?? Did you talk to anyone AT ALL? What if you don’t sell that book? What if you don’t get enough money to pay for these? Ever?”

“PASHAW. Details.” I wrangled the credit card out of his hand He lovingly and supportingly gave me his credit card knowing there was NO way this could go wrong and that was that.*

The process began. See, I don’t think all too much about big GIANT things before I do them or else I will scare myself silly and never do them. So I DO THEM, COMMIT TO THEM, and then? I go throw up. It just works for me. I have learned to trust my process. Even if I give my husband gray hairs before the process and give myself gray hairs after the process.

The process worked too. I got most of my funding from LOVELY supporters that pre-ordered the monsters as well as bought handmade monsters. I love them forever and they all get a free place to stay at my house forever and ever amen. Lemme know if you want to check out Atlanta. ANYTIME. Srsly. Just don’t mind the dog hair.

And then in November I sold the book! BAM! I did the ‘I told you so dance’ for my husband! I have MAD dance skills! He walked away, something about needing to not see that display again and washing his eyes or something. Srsly. Skills.

(Books come out this summer! SQUEE!!!)

And the monster process took longer than I thought it would. I actually thought I might have them by December. Then by January. Then by February. People were patient thank goodness.

BUT. BUT. Two days ago, I got a call from a man driving a truck. Out of the blue. Truly! I had been told it would be two more weeks! But no. Today was the day! I felt like a mom about to give birth to 1200 green monsters. Um, on another planet? Okay, that’s just weird. But still. EXCITED!

So SEVEN months and TEN days later? I present to you: (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Want to know what 1200 monsters look like all packed up? Now you know. you’re welcome.


What? They are SO CRAZY CUTE that you simply MUST have one?? Well…. OKAY!!!

Pre-Sales going out next week!

*I totes paid back the money on his credit card LESS than a month later. I did the ‘I told you so dance’ then too. I should video that. It is awesome.