4am in Reinholds, PA

I am still messed up in my sleeping schedule so I am setting up my phone to be able to update my blog. Cause ya know, awake, thinking a billion thoughts and one of them was, “I really want to start writing my blog again.” Then, “Hmmm. I should keep my eyes closed even if I am awake. Do you think that makes you look less tired in the morning? Should I answer those emails I need to answer? I should work on that next book. How far is my drive tomorrow? I miss my family. I love my family. I didn’t exercise today. Will I be able to tomorrow? Why do I gain weight so easy? I wonder if NJ has Wells Fargo, Ohio has none and I have to deposit checks. That banana dessert Jill made was really good tonite. So was dinner. I wish i liked to cook more. Do my kids care I don’t cook? We eat too much pizza. I wonder what they ate tonite? Probably pizza. Why can’t Democrats and Republicans find a common meeting ground – have we forgotten we are ALL Americans? We really need to get Otto fixed. The dogs need grooming. The dogs need their shots. Are the kids done with shots? I should get them check ups. I need a check up. I need to update my blog more.”

And there you go. 4am in my head.You’ll never get that space in your brain back. You’re welcome.

One thought on “4am in Reinholds, PA

  1. Five minutes with wet tea bags on your eyes in the morning makes you look less tired. New Jersey has Wells Fargo and Bon Jovi. It’s just your metabolism, and I feel ya. And also…. Hapy Mother’s Day!

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