Happy Mothers Day Mom!

Dear Mom,

You raised me well
You taught me things
Shared the wisdom
Experience brings

You told me truths
You gave advice
I never listened
Then failed – twice

You brushed me off
You picked me up
You suggested
It was just bad luck

You set me off
To try once more
I resisted
You pushed me more

You gave me strength
You showed me grace
I began to see
Myself, my place

When I had doubts
And I would call
You soothed my mind
Made well my soul

You taught me kindness
And how to give
Because it’s right
It’s how to live

You said to think
And question too
But show respect
In all I do

I’m now a mother
And I try to be
Like the mother
You are to me

I get it wrong
All the time
You assure me
I’m doing fine

I thank the heavens
I have you
To be there for me
In all I do

My words can never
Really say
How much I love you
This Mothers Day

But please know this
And know it’s true
My life is amazing
Because of you.

I love you Mom! Happy Mother’s Day!


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