Jonathan James and the Whatif Monster…. Secrets…. SHHHHHH…..

Well, this past weekend was about as amazing as it gets. I met about 500 of the sweetest, most amazing people in the world. I am sure there are lots more sweet and amazing people out there too, but these people were all in one place at one time! And the energy? Magical. I was so inspired by each and every one of them. I don’t say that as just something to say, I really truly mean it from the bottom of my heart. And to be an author for a company that puts PEOPLE before MONEY that puts INTEGRITY above and beyond ANYTHING else? Well, if I can spend my entire career being a Kane Miller/Usborne Books author, I will be one happy girl. I am so exactly where I want to be. This company feels like HOME. Kira Lynn and Randall White? Y’all rock socks – and you rock my world. Thank you.


NOW, without further ado, here is the promised video reading of Jonathan James and the Whatif Monster with SECRETS. SECRETS y’all!! Who doesn’t like to know the inside scoop?? I know I do!! The second the link to buy the book is live I will post it here! In the meantime, this will tide us over!

(Pinkie promise video coming shortly.)

8 thoughts on “Jonathan James and the Whatif Monster…. Secrets…. SHHHHHH…..

    • Janice, that is TOO funny! If I waited until no dogs barked in THIS house, I would never do ANYTHING. lol!

  1. That was ADORABLE!! Violet is going to be so excited when she sees this that she will squeak! Love you!!

    • Yay! Love you back lady!! We have GOT to get together SOON! I have that ridiculously cute owl mug I got that I need to give you!

  2. Love hearing you read Jonathan James and the Whatif Monster, both in person this past weekend and here! Hopefully we’ll get you to MN sometime after the snow flies!

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