Whatif Monster GIVEAWAY!! (But, I make you work for it – gotta read my whole meandering post. Hee!)

Okay, PHEW! I am FINALLY ready to get this giveaway written down! Today was a little crazy, I had a lot on my plate. I had to get a dog to the vet, pick up my kids from their dad’s house, mail off 4 packages at the post office, look for some very specific art I want for my dining room at some antique stores (I have a BIG party on Saturday at the house, so yes, HAVE to), go to the grocery store and get a run on the treadmill in (to keep my sanity). And I did it ALL! PLUS I got the art done for the temporary tattoos I want made in order to have them in time for my Whatif Monster Party on Saturday. And I ordered them! Yippee!! I am so excited for those! And I know lots of you are too, and want to know how to get those so I will let you know as soon as I get that worked out. I am getting my REAL tattoo on Thursday!!! The husband is a bit unsure about that whole business, but I have loved this little green dude since the moment I created him in my mind and I will love him forever and ever. Plus when people see my tattoo and ask me about him, I can tell them about the book, and then SELL THE BOOK. Marketing, people always have to be marketing! And therefore the tattoo is a write-off – clever, yes? I think so. (I have a meeting with my bookkeeper tomorrow, I will let you know what she says. We’ll see if the government is on the same page as my brain.) Prolly not. Go figure. Ahem.

Someone asked me what I am ‘on’ to get so much done in a day today on Facebook. Well, I will be honest – B12 is REALLY something else! And if you are not taking B vitamins, I think you are missing out. B12 and coffee and BAM! You are off and running. But I know it is not just that. I just hate to waste a minute of my day. Somewhere in my brain, I am always thinking that I never know when this ride is going to end. I never know when all of a sudden it’s “Game Over.” Yes, morbidly, I mean death. I mean, sure I also think about losing my right hand, going blind, having some accident that will cause me to not be able to paint ever again, but I truly am terrified of taking a moment of my life for granted. I do think about how fragile life is and how one minute you can be running around doing whatever, not thinking about anything and then the next minute some random, crazy event happens and you are, just like that, no more. Yes, maybe morbid, but it drives me. Drives me with a passion to do as much with my life as I possibly can and to make a difference with my life with an almost frenzied energy. I work really hard every day, but if you follow me on Facebook, you know I play hard and relax hard too. After a crazy day, you will find me on my back deck lounging with my family and breathing in the relaxation. So, I do have balance. Promise. And girlfriend LOVES herself a vacation! With cocktails. I do, I do. But I do abhor laziness and it is a pet peeve of mine. So if I am not doing something, I feel lazy and then I get disgusted and then I find something else to do. I simply cannot stand laziness. I can’t stand excuses and I think the answer to just about anything in life is hard work and action. So… that is how I get so much done in a day.

Oh lordee, look at me meandering on and on. You are not here for the incoherent ramblings of a crazy lady, you are here for a GIVEAWAY, right? Get on with it already lady, will ya? I can hear you thinking. Sorry. Onwards.

Here is the thing. I did a giveaway once before and I got burned. So while I was running on the treadmill I began to think of how else I could do it. As much as people seem to have good intentions, life gets in the way and people don’t do what they promise. (In my last giveaway I gave a Whatif Monster to some winners if they promised to take pictures of them with a handmade monster for a full week and to post them or email them to me. I got a couple pictures from one of the winners and the other one got the monster and then didn’t take one picture at all and wouldn’t even email me back. Rude.) So, because of that, I wanted to make some rules that I PROMISE you, even if you don’t win, you WILL WIN. Trust me on this, if you enter this contest, because of the rules, you will experience some AMAZINGNESS. I can promise this cross my heart and hope to…well, you know.;) So, if you want to enter to win a signed hardcover copy of Jonathan James and the Whatif Monster AND a numbered plushie version of my monster I had made with a certificate of authenticity, please read the rules:

Whatif Monster Giveaway Rules:
1. Perform a Random Act of Kindness. Anonymous or not. Send someone a card for no reason. Take your neighbors garbage can back up to their house from the curb. Go say hello to your elderly neighbor. Write a post it note love note to your partner and leave it on their steering wheel to find when they leave for work in the morning. Bake a cake for someone. Offer free babysitting for a date night to someone. Pay someone’s parking meter. Buy the person behind you’s cup if coffee in a drive-thru in the morning or standing in line. It can be small and simple or big and giant.

2. Once you have done it, tell me in the comment of this blog entry what you did. People will LOVE hearing what other people did and it will give all of us GREAT ideas!

3. You can enter as many times as Random Acts of Kindness you perform by the end of the contest. The more wonderfulness you put into the world, the more chances you get to win.

That’s it! Simple right? And trust me, just wait until all that kindness comes back to you a hundred fold – you win even if you don’t win.

EDIT: Someone asked if kids can do this or it was just open to adults. NOT ONLY CAN KIDS DO IT, PLEASE ENCOURAGE THEM TO DO IT!!! YES!!!!

I mentioned this to someone who shall be nameless, but was the person who is responsible for this monster being created (*cough* husband *cough*) in the first place and said, “What if people lie? It would be really easy to cheat in your contest.” And yes, yes it would. Although I think the people that know me and know about this contest would NOT lie or cheat because you all are super awesome, wonderful, lovely people, BUT if someone does? Well, then they do. I can’t stop cheaters. BUT. Let me tell you, someone that would lie about performing Random Acts of Kindness to win a contest to win a children’s book and plushie? Wow. I cannot imagine the amount of icky, negative, mojo that person would bring into their lives. Good luck with that, yo. And you might as well walk under a ladder right into a room of precariously balanced mirrors filled with black cats walking around. Just sayin’.

Contest ends Friday, July 27 at 12pm. At which time I will use a random number generator or pull a number out of a hat to pick the winner. The number picked that coordinates with the numbered comment wins. I will video record it so everyone can see.

Okay, Off with you! Go be kind and make people smile! I can’t wait to hear what you do this week! This week will be AMAZING! Just wait and see! 😀

66 thoughts on “Whatif Monster GIVEAWAY!! (But, I make you work for it – gotta read my whole meandering post. Hee!)

  1. So this morning and evening, as like most every Mondays, I put the garbage cans out and back for our neighbor whom has brain cancer. It is not a hard task, and I never ask or inquire if they notice, as it is just a small piece of good juju that I can give back to someone that could use the extra help. I will continue posting these good deeds, as I think they are important for all of us to chip in, even if just every once in a while… 😀

  2. Not sure if this will count but it made my day. Yesterday, Sunday, we needed to get some cat food for our 2 cats so my 7 year old son, Jose and I headed to the pet store. (He really wanted me to go to the Lego store to get him a new Lego set which I refused to do. Said we were just going to the store and he could come or not. So he decided to go.) There was a cat adoption event going on. We were looking at all the cats and kittens and all of a sudden I heard someone say “Thank you, that is so kind”. I realized a moment later that they were talking to my son. He put the $5 bill he had gotten that morning and was wanting to spend on Legos in their donation jar. They thought it was pretty spectacular, and so did I 🙂

  3. Hello! Last week I was a vendor at our local 4H fair. A young family (3 kids) was visiting my booth, coloring the duck coloring sheets and making Pipe Cleaner Bugs. Two of the daughters had a birthday this week, so I gave them a copy of Dogs, Dogs. They really appreciated it and said thank you many times.

  4. I forgot to add…while cleaning up that night after the fair, a teenager asked if there was a water fountain around the grandstand (where we were). I told him, I didn’t think so. I then asked him, if he would like a bottle of water? He could have one of mine. He was very surprised that I would give him a bottle of water. Giving the book and the bottle of water left such a wonderful feeling in my heart!

  5. I was participating in a vendor fair this weekend and my 12 year old son was helping me. I gave him some sheets of ride tickets for all his help. There was a boy my son’s age there helping his mom with their booth, he did not have any tickets. They were selling items to raise money for a family member that was in an accident, to help pay medical bills. My son not only shared his ride tickets with that boy, he went on the rides with him also. I’m so proud of him for thinking about others.

  6. I’ve lived in my house well over a year now and only last week met my neighbor. During our visit (30 minutes when hubby and I were on the way to the car for a date…), I found out she was having hip replacement surgery this week. On my way out the door this afternoon (and running late), I noticed her husband was outside watching his grand-daughter. I took a couple minutes to ask him how Judy was doing since her surgery this week. He told me that she was out of pain, and up and running around the house without any problems.

  7. Yesterday morning, while getting ready for work (which is “my” time), my 1 year old woke up. To let her daddy sleep in a bit (he’s a sahd), I changed her, fed her, cuddled her and let her hang with me til it was time for me to leave and THEN woke dad up. It left me running a bit late for work, but it blessed him SO much, PLUS, I got in some cuddle time with my angel!

  8. Last night, I had agreed to pick up one of my best friends and her kids at the airport at 1030 pm, despite needing to be up at 530am and the airport being an hour away. I was determined to do it bc I missed her like crazy and wanted to be there for her. But my sweet husband, when he realized how little sleep I’d get, insisted on me going to bed and picked her up for me! (Don’t know if that counts, but figured I could tell on him!)

  9. Last night I spoke to my elderly neighbor who is wheel-chair bound. I spent some time on the phone with her and assured her that Alana and I will sit with her on Thursday when her son goes to court. She is terrified of being in the house alone, so we go up and keep her company when her son has to run errands. She was much happier after the conversation and even cried a little bit. She is a sweetie pie.

  10. After a recent storm we didn’t have much mess in our yard so my girls and I went and helped our neighbors out that had lots of branches down in theirs.

  11. Over the weekend both my kids, Melissa and Alex, went through their toys and clothes and donated a huge box full to the children’s home. We do this 4-5 times a year.

    they also over the summer collected donations to order books and have them sent to the children’s home.

  12. This evening our family was given an opportunity to help others. We went gleaning at a huge local farm. The owners let us pick corn that had not been picked . We were first-timers (5 of us , plus one of the boys friends). There were 14 of us total. In ONE HOUR the group picked 825 pounds of corn! Tomorrow morning we deliver it to local food pantries. It was a TOTAL feel good experience. We came home with a renewed sense of how blessed we are.

  13. Not sure if this counts, but our church youth pastor and his wife are going to camp next week with the youth, so I offered to take their 2 boys for the 6 days i’m available. It’s overnight, i know the kids but have never watched them, and I have 2 kids too, so it will be just me and 4 kids age 6 and under.

  14. Yesterday I bought a coffee at a coffee stand for the next person in line. Ive been wanting to do that for a while, but keep forgeting. Thank you for encouraging everyone to do this, whzg a great idea Michelle!

  15. I was shopping at Walmart and it was very busy. I was waiting in line for self-checkout. I had a good amount in my cart. This dad with about a 5 year old came up behind me with only 2 things with him. A register opened up, and he looked at me to say go ahead, I said no, you go because you only have 2 things. 🙂

  16. I told my son (who is 3) about the give away (he is obsessed with Johnathan James and the Whatif Monster… I know, aren’t we ALL?). He very quietly went into the living room, picked up his favorite truck (the one he NEVER let’s his brother touch) and gave it to his little brother. He said, “You can play with this all day long and I promise I won’t take it from you.” Then he came to me and said, “You can sign me up for the monster now. Because that was kind.”
    So glad to be able to teach this value to my children, even if it is in small ways.
    So here is Xander’s entry. 😉

    • Maria, Xander’s kindness has touched my heart – and I know many others as well. Please tell Xander I would love to send him and his little brother a Whatif Monster for being so sweet and kind. Please email me at michelle@michellepaints.com so I can find out where to mail them their monsters! And thank YOU for raising such sweet and kind children! 😀

  17. This morning the boys and I delivered the corn we gleaned last night to a local food ministry where it will be enjoyed this evenin for supper and also given away for those who need it.

  18. I heard about a friend’s cousin whose baby died tragically over the weekend. An account had been set up for donations. Normally I don’t participate in these things, but a comment from another person said “If I was in that situation, I would need the help” really hit hard and I made a donation. Every little bit helps.

  19. My son William is turning 8 on Friday (and he thinks winning this would be a PERFECT birthday present!) and today he unloaded the dishwasher for his sister without being asked.

  20. I got up early this morning and made my hubby breakfast and packed his lunch. He was greatly surprised! I hope that it started his day off great and that the good vibes pass through him onto others today!!

  21. Our family made a surprise visit to a man we know who lives alone. We brought him dinner and spent the evening visiting with him.

  22. I went to Target a few days ago to get diapers for my kiddos. While I was there, I saw a box of diapers that was an amazingly good deal. The diapers were size 3 and my kids wear size 6, so I bought them to donate to a local charity, but instead got to thinking that I had a few friends who might need them so I split up the box between two friends who actually had kids that could wear a size 3. No big deal, but it was a lot of fun to do.

    I have a not so random act of kindness that I would like to submit. My friend Rachel knew that I was going to have a rough day today.(My husband and I will be attending the burial of the baby we recently miscarried) She lives a few states over and couldn’t do anything to get here, which I totally understand and would not expect. I knew that she would be wishing me well today, but she didn’t stop there. She sent a message a few days ago asking if she could order dinner for us to be delivered to our house. The gesture means so much to me and I have thought about how much she cares many times since. I would love to surprise her with this wonderful book and super cute plush for her little guy or give it to a charity in her honor.

  23. Today I volunteered to do a read aloud at a small daycare that recently had to sell their bus because insurance and gas were too high which meant no summer field trip! I read three books and did an activity. I even purchased the materials for the activity! Kids and teachers loved it, and, of course, I was blessed just knowing they were blessed!

  24. Xander’s second entry…
    Unannounced to me he cleaned his entire play room by himself when he told me he was going to play. He came up the steps and said, “Well I did it again.” (you could just imagine what was going through my mind at this point) Then he said, “I did another ramdom ax of kindmess for the Whatif Monster!” 😉
    What a lesson learned!

  25. Ok so this is perfect since I’m ALWAYS paying it forward. 

    I just trained a new recruit at a benefit event for a little girl who has autism and can not speak. The event was called A Voice for Emmalee. I could not get the link to post, sorry.  They are trying to raise 8,000.00 to pay for a voice machine to help her communicate. 

    At this event there were several vendors. And with doing a booth event most people keep all the profits and free books for themselves. 

    Well I came up with this master secret covert operation plan!

    I decided that we would give all free books earned thru event, all commissions earned, and……….wait for it……..we had shoppers secretly purchase books to donate to this little girl as well!  

    We will be drop shipping this special little girl a big box of books as a huge surprise gift of a new home library full of wonderful Usborne & Kane/Miller books!

    It would be absolutely wonderful if she had a signed copy & Whatif monster to go with that box of other books! Especially since she faces so many life challenges daily!

    <3 <3 <3 payit forward projects!

  26. This is the most lame random act ever, but it meant something to the mom involved. My kids and I were at a childrens event at our local library today, we were in line for autographs from the rodeo queen when a mom herding 2 little boys, carying her daughter,purse, diaper bag, kids autographed pictures drinks, well you know…anyways as they walked passed me the little girl dropped her doll. The mom looked down with that ‘are you kidding me?’ Look. So I picked up the doll and handed it to the little girl.

  27. We were at our small little zoo today for storytime. It was, in one word, a zoo. When the volunteer (not me today) was finished with stories, all the kids rushed up to get to touch the turtle that was being shown today. The stack of books that had been left on the floor was being trampled by all of these eager children. I was able to get through the children, to the books, pick them up, and return them to the grateful volunteer. Not a biggie, but I like to think I saved those books’ spines!

  28. The past 2 days, my 9 year old has been playing very nicely, with her “annoying little sister” who is 6. They don’t always get along, but Gabriella has really been making an effort. They played Barbies ALL day long! and that makes 2 happy little girls + 1 very happy momma!

  29. Today a friend who offered to keep my children for the afternoon was sick. She offered to still let them come play as they are old enough ” to entertain themselves” ….Instead we checked on her, I kept her son who spent the night for several more hours and took over some GingerAle she did not have when we took him home.

  30. My mother-in-law’s birthday was today and on a whim, I decided to take all 3kids by to surprise her with balloons and flowers. We don’t have the best relationship and I RARELY make the almost hour drive alone with the kids, usually leaving any and all visiting up to my husband. But she’s had some health issues and hadn’t seen the kids in a while so I decided if I were in her situation, it would mean the world to me for my grandkids to surprise me for my birthday.

  31. My husband and I paid for one of our church members to stay at an Extended Stay hotel while she finds a place to live and started a brand new job.

  32. My husband and I also offered to pay for one of our church Missionary families w/ 2 children who need a place to stay for a week.

  33. My husband and I sponsored the balance due for a church member who was going on a mission trip to AK.

  34. We are taking a collection of touchy feely books to be donated to the alzheimer’s unit at a local nursing home. My boys will visit the residents who LOVE seeing kids so much. We are donating the books both so that family members can use them when they visit and for the residents to use. With the bright colors and different textures the are needed stimulation. 🙂

  35. My 4 yr old grand daughter came to me on wed. and said she was sorry for calling me fat.I forgave her and hugged her. I told her that I loved her very much.Also my son and daughter in law are having hard times and I bought them groceries.

  36. while playing with the neighbors grandkids who are younger than my son. I was about to fuss at him for going inside to get more toys and he came out with his flip flops from last summer( which are still good because he hardly ever wore them.) I asked him what he was going to with them he said that Hayden the other boy said his were too small and i cant wear these anymore so im giving them to him. Of course I didnt fuss at him for going back inside:)

  37. My nephew Ricky (9) has been helping with my children and dealing heavily with his whatif monsters this week. He makes simple things into huge mountains. He would not play in the swing set because whatif there’s a spider hanging there? He would not ride a bike because whatif I fall and scrape my knees? You get the picture. Well, because he needs to be a good example for his cousins this week (4 and 3) and JJ has given him a different perspective to deal with situations, he has been confronting his whatif’s and coming with creative solutions to solve his challenges. I would love for him to continue this magical journey
    of empowerment in the company of a green little dude.

  38. While I was running errands, my daughter put all the dishes in the dishwasher away though I hadn’t asked her to. She also likes to help out when I am away by doing laundry, running the dishwasher, caring for all our pets, or straightening up the house, which is so helpful for both her dad and I. We’ve never asked her to do any of these things but she looks for ways to serve others. She gives teenagers a good name!

  39. My son and daughter have been watching the children of the families in our bible study group every Tuesday evening for months, without pay and without complaining. Sometimes they have others to help them but many times they are the only ones in charge for the evening or for part of the evening. They have fallen in love with the children they watch and can’t wait to see them when we go to church on Sunday or at other events. This allows the parents in our group to spend a relaxing evening in the study without worrying about their little ones.

  40. While I was running errands my son and daughter cleaned up the house and vacuumed – without asking (I was so surprised)

  41. We have been saving our egg cartons for the local food pantry. They get farm fresh eggs from a lady who donates them, and need the cartons to distribute the eggs. Not only are we recycling, we are helping those in need. I delivered all the egg cartons to her, she was soo grateful

  42. We have a ‘charity’ savings account and we contribute to it every month. I only use it for big donations. When my Dad told me he was visiting a village in outskirts of Iran and met a lovely family that lived on bare minimum, I told him I’d sent $200 to help them out. Two days later he called to say that amount was more than they earn in a year and they had already bought new shoes for all the kids for school.

    They were truly greatful, but I am more greatful for all that my family has…including lots of shoes!!!

  43. I’m watering my neighbors plants and taking in the mail. She had to leave town to be with her dad at the hospital.

  44. This is for the one entry on the Whatifmonsters.com blog: Michelle, your contest gave me the motivation to finally do this particular act of kindness. On a recent trip (from Tulsa….) my flights got messed up which would have made me miss my connection and end up delayed a day. After speaking with two airline employees, I found another and asked for his help. He was able to get me on a different airline and home on time! I just filled out the “compliment” comment form on the airline website and made sure to provide his full name and employee #. He deserves to be recognized for doing a great job!

  45. Contest is closed with 58 AWESOME Random Acts of Kindness – many of which brought tears to my eyes. Y’all are AMAZING! I will do the drawing this afternoon and let the winners know! I will video the drawing so you all get to see. A MILLION THANK YOUS FOR YOUR KINDNESS. It means the world to me and shows my why I adore people so very much. 😀

    • I absolutely love this idea and will probably use some form of it in the future of my business. You have been given a talent and a platform to help bring about good things in this world and I LOVE that you have made this contest a chance to encourage others to make the world better! Keep doing this kind of thing…please!

      As a side note, my family would totally take pictures of the cute little plush as he follows us on our weekly adventures. I will tell you, I would be a bit delayed in posting them (we have camera issues), but I would totally do that for you if you ever want to run that giveaway again.

      I wish you great success!

  46. My 2 year old daughter and I were cleaning out her closet and drawers, swapping out the small clothes for ones that now will fit her. As we were going through them, Anastasia was setting aside a pile for Baby Chloe who is a 6 month old in foster care. She was so sweet and cute, holding up an item and telling me “Chloe….want it”
    I love that she was thinking of someone else at such a young age!

  47. we were at a wedding and Janelle saw a man spill his drink and Janelle got right up to help him clean it up. She got on the floor right away to help and started wiping. Thanks for helping my children think more about helping others.

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