It’s in the air

I wish I could somehow bottle up what I get to experience during a week of school visits and share it with you. I usually present anywhere from 2-6 times in a day, 5 days in a row. People ask me if I get tired. I never do. Something happens when the kids begin to file in. It happens every single presentation from the first one at 8am to the last one at 3pm. The air begins to fill with an energy from the kids. It is like an electric current is in the air. I pick up on it and somehow absorb it – like I tune in to the kids on their energy level. And they can feel it too. I don’t know how it all works, but it does. I connect with them. They connect with me. It is something else, so hard to put exactly into words. It’s addictive. I love it more than I can truly express.

These kids matter so much to me – and I tell them that. Their hopes, their dreams, each one them, matter to me. And when we are connected in that room all together by that electric current, or energy, or whatever it is for those 45 minutes, they know I mean it when I say I believe in them. This video captures a little bit of the magic we get to experience when we are together.

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