Bob is a Unicorn – THE PLAY!!!

Okay, so maybe undiagnosed ADHD can cause me to be a little scattered at times. But! It can also cause hours of endless entertainment! Admittedly, I possibly only entertain myself, and there could might be a better system of time management in my life…but…still!

A few months ago I was in the shower. I think of lots of ideas in the shower. And I was thinking how AWESOME and AMAZING Bob is a Unicorn would be as a play for children!

“YES!!!” I thought to myself. “I must relay this idea to my editor! POST HASTE!” I am pretty sure my hair was still dripping wet while this (quite professional, I might add) theatrical dramatization was created. You are welcome.

And also: Welcome to my world, Awesomeville. Population: Me. C’mon in, there’s always room for more awesome!

One thought on “Bob is a Unicorn – THE PLAY!!!

  1. Maybe I didn’t remember to tell you this, but I said to Hannah that Bob would make a sweet and very short one act play. She has to do several of those all year and also at the One Act Festival. Lots of possibilities.

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