Go be BRAVE, y’all!

I am so very privileged that I get to travel the country doing author visits at schools for 15-20 weeks every school year. I travel that much, sure because it helps sell books and a girl needs to pay her bills, but the real reason? I am so desperate to get a message across to as many young people as possible: Start paying attention to that little voice inside you. The one that tells you who you ARE. Who you know you want to be. Because when you begin to trust that tiny whisper inside your heart? And ignore that loud fears and worries in your head? Amazing things begin to happen. I PROMISE. So go be BRAVE, y’all!

When I heard the song Brave by Sara Bareilles it was like she wrote a song from everything I say to children at school visits – like she heard everything in my head. So I just HAD to make a video with her song with images from my school visits and all the people that have sent me photos because they and their children have been so positively affected by my books. I still can’t believe that this gets to be MY life. This video is for all of us. I hope you like it. 🙂