Dear Government, Stop the Testing Madness!! (Pretty please?) Love, Me

Now, I know this won’t change anything, I do. And I don’t just rant or spout off unless I have something meaningful to say or contribute. But on this matter? I do. After being cancelled by three different schools in three different states because they need more prep time for standardized testing? I’M UPSET. 45 minutes with me and I can improve tests scores. Yes, I bet I can. They won’t let me have less than an hour for fear of losing money from the government. It’s not the schools fault, I get it.

I was supposed to do MANY other things today, but when I have something to say, that I think can enlighten people as to how much an inspirational talk from someone who truly BELIEVES what they are saying, who truly LOVES their audience and CARES about them from the depths of her SOUL? Well, then I had to take time out to say it.

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