Storytime LIVE for March 26, 2014 featuring Dogs, Dogs! with Noah and Sophia!!

Join me in less than 2 hours for my live Storytime! I’ll take care of the bedtime stories tonite! And because I was sick today and even had to go to the doctor (ear infection – BOO!!) my kids feel so bad for me they are GASP! helping out around the house and even offered to help with Storytime!! Yay!! (Don’t tell them my meds have kicked in and I feel TONS better. I am going to milk this a few more days until my husband gets back in town from a business trip. Shhhh.)

Click below to view my Storytime LIVE in a new window. You do not have to join Livestream to watch but if you do, you can live chat with me (FUN!!) and also get alerts when I am about to be live. Totally worth it says I! 😀

See y’all soon!


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