The Story of Lou. The Motivational Tree Iguana. (He’s kinda rude.)

So I was in Key West last week and in the condo we were staying in had a sign on the doors. It struck me as funny. I posted it on Facebook. Then a friend commented about how maybe it was a note FROM the Tree Iguana, not ABOUT the Tree Iguana. See?

FB pic


And this exchange just REALLY cracked me up. And I could not stop thinking about this tree iguana – and all those exclamations points just made me think he was kind rude. I mean, really, did he HAVE to be so forceful about closing the door?

I ended up naming him Lou and the FB exchange lasted many, many more comments and a few other posts.

By the time I got home, Lou had completely introduced himself to me. He is in fact, a Tree Iguana that lives in Key West. He is apparently also a motivational speaker. And he is sort of rude. So maybe just for adults – and maybe teenagers that need a swift kick in the derriere. 🙂

Look, my characters choose me, I don’t choose them – it’s just how it goes, I’m only being honest.

Lou tells it like it is. He kinda reminds me of Walter Matthau. He tells you what you NEED to hear, not what you WANT to hear. If he is not your cup of tea, that is TOTALLY okay. If he offends you, just ignore him. He told me he really doesn’t care if he offends you. See? Kinda rude, that Lou.

I think we will be seeing more of Lou. He seems to have a lot to say. And now that I made his poster for y’all, he says I can get back to work painting the illustrations for Dog and Mouse. (He just called me a slacker because I am behind on them. Rude.)


You can by poster or prints of Lou here:

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