This Made Me Happy Today


I am grateful for the moments I get to have with the kids I talk to each week. I adore them more than I can ever adequately express in words. Today was a very good day.

Tonight however? I got my tax bill. OUCH. That hurt. A lot.

So I am posting this picture of a sheep wearing a Bob horn pretending to be a unicorn. Because it makes me HAPPY.

And even if I do have to empty my entire bank account to pay my taxes, I am determined to focus on what REALLY matters. The children of this world matter to me. Their hopes and their dreams and making sure that they know how much I truly BELIEVE in them and LOVE them matters so much to me. And if I have to empty my bank account in order to keep doing that? Then I’m going to. Because I can’t imagine not doing this. And I am so very lucky that this gets to be my life.

And now? I am going to go to bed and let all if this money stuff go. Because I’m still human, and working as hard as I do and still having to empty your bank account? Well, it still kinda stinks. But tomorrow? IS A NEW DAY, Y’ALL! Filled with new kids to meet! And I WILL be READY FOR THEM!

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