The Whatif Monster Military Challenge

When people tell me thank you because I wrote a book that has in some way helped, impacted, inspired, or in any way positively affected them or their child, I automatically whisper a praise of gratitude to the heavens that I was lucky enough to be given the words, smart enough to write them down and brave enough to show them to people.

When Kayla Bradley wrote me a letter and told how much my book impacted her beautiful family and then told me me her big, giant dream? I was touched beyond words, and flattered beyond measure.

Ever since she said that dream out loud it has been growing and growing. Hundreds of Usborne Books and More sales consultants wanted to help. I wanted to help. We ALL wanted to help Kayla to accomplish her dream.

Please check out Kayla’s website to learn more about this completely INSPIRING woman and join us in The Whatif Monster Military Challenge if it so moves you. We’d love to have you along for what is turning into an incredible ride!

PLEASE share this link so that we can all help Kayla achieve her BIG, GIANT DREAM!

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