To all my fellow ‘Bobs’ out there,

I just wanted to say thank you. Thank you for ‘getting’ Bob. If you get Bob like I do, it’s probably because you ARE a Bob. Which is a compliment by the way. 🙂

If you have ever felt like you don’t quite fit in, don’t quite know your place in this world, but know you have lots to offer? If you march to a different beat, if you live in your head – in a wonderous, magical land – and when you open your eyes, you can still see the magic around? If you love people, I mean really truly LOVE people, yet you can be so very disappointed and hurt by the people who are mean, thoughtless, don’t seem to care about the magic? Yeah, you’re TOTALLY a Bob.

On days where you just think you should give up, give in and be ‘normal’? Don’t. Don’t you dare. The world needs a LOT more Bobs. And the more of us that are out there? The more of us BRAVE enough to SHOW the world our BOB-ness? The better this world is going to be.

So if you ever read Bob is a Unicorn, and you really truly got it, maybe even cried at the fairy and unicorn page? Stay true to yourself and don’t ever, EVER wonder where you fit in. Because you know what? YOU FIT IN RIGHT HERE. And thank you for being a Bob. You make the world so much more magical. Believe in yourself. Believe in your inner Bob.

Love, Michelle


Happy Fifth Anniversary to My Love.

Eight years ago, I met this guy for a lunch date – we had met on Yahoo Personals (Gasp! I KNOW, right?!). Turns out he knew of me from a pet portrait I had delivered to a coworker of his two years earlier and actually emailed me about painting his dog.

After the lunch date, we ended up deciding to just be friends. (The reasons for this are widely disputed between us to this day.) After a year of hanging out as friends, we both began turning down dates to just hang out with each other. Without realizing it, we had fallen totally and completely in love with each other.

We married two years after dating. We took the children with us and eloped on Tybee Island as the sun came up.

This man, my best friend, my partner in crime, my straight man, my love, looked at the giant mess I was, learned everything about me, my two children, my hopes and dreams for a career that is not the most lucrative in the world, my complete and utter lack of interest in being a good housekeeper, my PMS mood swings that could possibly get me out of a murder charge, my lack of culinary skills, my love of two giant, sobbery dogs that peed in the house on occasion and ate important objects on many more occasions AND knowing ALL THAT? Still married me. PHEW.

This man is my rock. This man takes care of me. This man takes care of our children as if they were his own – without hesitation or question. This man makes my life so much more than it ever would have been without him in it. Without question, I do not deserve such an incredible man to call my husband, but I thank the stars in the heavens that I get to call him my husband anyway.

Happy 5th Anniversary, Kevin Schmidt, my love. Eleventy million thank yous for being my partner in this life is still not enough. I love you forever and always.

Here is a video I made from out first anniversary. I was going to make another one, but I was so busy with a child named Cordelia – who popped into my life very suddenly and I have been obsessively talking to, drawing and writing about – that I have not had time to make a new one. Or to clean the house. Or to make dinner. Or do much of anything else. See? He is a SAINT, I tell you.

Storytime LIVE!! Sept. 3, 2014 at 7:30pm (eastern)

Click below to watch me read Jonathan James and the Whatif Monster tonight at 7:30pm! I may or may not be making all my dogs wear custom made Whatif Monster Ears. Oh who am I kidding?? Of COURSE I’ll be making them wear the ears! It’s always interesting when my dogs are on live – you won’t wanna miss this!

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