To all my fellow ‘Bobs’ out there,

I just wanted to say thank you. Thank you for ‘getting’ Bob. If you get Bob like I do, it’s probably because you ARE a Bob. Which is a compliment by the way. 🙂

If you have ever felt like you don’t quite fit in, don’t quite know your place in this world, but know you have lots to offer? If you march to a different beat, if you live in your head – in a wonderous, magical land – and when you open your eyes, you can still see the magic around? If you love people, I mean really truly LOVE people, yet you can be so very disappointed and hurt by the people who are mean, thoughtless, don’t seem to care about the magic? Yeah, you’re TOTALLY a Bob.

On days where you just think you should give up, give in and be ‘normal’? Don’t. Don’t you dare. The world needs a LOT more Bobs. And the more of us that are out there? The more of us BRAVE enough to SHOW the world our BOB-ness? The better this world is going to be.

So if you ever read Bob is a Unicorn, and you really truly got it, maybe even cried at the fairy and unicorn page? Stay true to yourself and don’t ever, EVER wonder where you fit in. Because you know what? YOU FIT IN RIGHT HERE. And thank you for being a Bob. You make the world so much more magical. Believe in yourself. Believe in your inner Bob.

Love, Michelle


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