Dog and Mouse teaser trailer

On a whim one day I downloaded the app called StopMotion Animation Maker after seeing my amazingly talented friend, Linda Sweeney’s super cool book trailer she had made for her new book, When the Wind Blows. It’s the sweetest thing EVER. Click here to see it.


I promptly forgot that I had the app or wanted to make my own animation. Of course.

Then today I was going through my phone and saw the app I thought to myself, “Self, you have a million things to do and you TOTALLY need to go grocery shopping, you know what makes TOTAL sense? MAKE THAT ANIMATION! And spend the WHOLE day doing it!”

And I thought, “Self, that is a damn FINE idea! Who needs dinner?! I think there are some frozen turkey burgers in the freezer – hot diggity, let’s ANIMATE!”

I present to you my first ever Stop Motion Animation for my newest book coming out in Jan. 2015, Dog and Mouse. And I warn you: It is pretty terrible. But it is also terribly cute. So I am willing to share it with you. And I plan on making lots more. Because WHO NEEDS DINNER, Y’ALL??! Not my family! 😀

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