My Big Reveal on Storytime Live!

In case you missed the big reveal last night – If you want the highlights because last night’s Storytime was kinda long on account of I talk too much maybe.

At 20 minutes watch me forget what I am doing. Like, completely.

At 22 minutes watch me make everyone think I am pregnant.

At 36 minutes watch mayhem and chaos ensue with my dogs and my daughter. Like, I’m surprised no one got a nose bitten off. I live to entertain and make you smile. Even if I lose a nose. It’s all for you. You’re welcome.

Super Secret Storytime Live tonight at 7:30pm!!! (est)

You will NOT want to miss tonight’s Storytime Live! Not only is a Whatif Monster kinda night, I have a SUPER, DUPER, TOP SECRET announcement to make! If you want to be in the know, tune in at 7:30pm eastern standard time!

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Watch Storytime Live by clicking here or on the picture below at 7:30pm eastern!


Storytime Live on Jan. 21 at 7:30pm (est) with Sparky and Squeaker!

Super special Storytime Live! I am going to feature a book my friend, Jen Katz, wrote and illustrated and her children are going to be helping me! I will be on location in the bedroom of one of her children (they are fighting that part out right now) and doing Storytime Live from there! Going to be so fun!!

You see, Ms Michelle scheduled a book club meeting that day and didn’t realize it was Wednesday. I didn’t want to cancel Storytime of course, and then realized that my friend had a book I could feature and asked if her kids could help me! This is going to be super fun! (and you never know, maybe I’ll read Dog and Mouse or one of my other books too!)

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Click here at 7:30pm eastern standard time to watch Storytime Live with Sparky & Squeaker!


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Dog and Mouse

Hello my lovelies! I’m taking an evening off from Storytime Live, but wanted to give you something for your littles to watch – just in case. I edited down to just me reading Dog and Mouse from last week’s Storytime. Perfect for impatient little ones that just want to cut to the chase! Thank you to all who watched last week and then watched the recorded version this past week!

Shamelessly asking for votes, y’all!

I never have asked for votes in my life y’all. But I am starting now. I was nominated for a Rare Life Award by an amazing and very sweet person. There are only 2 days left for voting, so this is a long shot, but if I win a charity that gives books to children, could win money to help them!

So please click here or on below to vote! You can vote every day and share if you shared this on your FB page or twitter account I would love you FOREVER for helping me to help children! <3