Dog and Mouse

Hello my lovelies! I’m taking an evening off from Storytime Live, but wanted to give you something for your littles to watch – just in case. I edited down to just me reading Dog and Mouse from last week’s Storytime. Perfect for impatient little ones that just want to cut to the chase! Thank you to all who watched last week and then watched the recorded version this past week!

2 thoughts on “Dog and Mouse

  1. My Great Grandkids don’t come until tomorrow but I am going to watch so I can make sure the Books are in my collection or not…I love Usborne and have only been in the Business for about four Months…

  2. and one more thing..My Great Grandkids listened over Christmas and Just loved you! My Great Grandkids are 1 1/2 and 4 1/2 and 6. I will add this to read to them when they come tomorrow!

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