Storytime Live on Jan. 21 at 7:30pm (est) with Sparky and Squeaker!

Super special Storytime Live! I am going to feature a book my friend, Jen Katz, wrote and illustrated and her children are going to be helping me! I will be on location in the bedroom of one of her children (they are fighting that part out right now) and doing Storytime Live from there! Going to be so fun!!

You see, Ms Michelle scheduled a book club meeting that day and didn’t realize it was Wednesday. I didn’t want to cancel Storytime of course, and then realized that my friend had a book I could feature and asked if her kids could help me! This is going to be super fun! (and you never know, maybe I’ll read Dog and Mouse or one of my other books too!)

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Click here at 7:30pm eastern standard time to watch Storytime Live with Sparky & Squeaker!


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24 thoughts on “Storytime Live on Jan. 21 at 7:30pm (est) with Sparky and Squeaker!

  1. I’m actually going to try and keep my son awake past his bedtime just to watch… and then I might spend some time questioning the tactic of ever trying to keep my son awake!

  2. We won’t be able to see you live tonight but I promised Michael and Robert can watch you for bedtime story, the boys got the print today because they both agree Ms Michelle warms our hearts.

  3. I am beyond excited for this event!! Alena is a former student of mine and Aaron is a current student! I just adore the whole Katz family and cannot wait to share in this wonderful experience with them. This will be the topic of our morning meeting tomorrow!!
    Ms. Mauldin

  4. The kids were just asking this morning what we were doing after school… Now I know, watching Miss Michelle!

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