Celebrating a Year of Storytime Life with GIFTING!

For the entire month of March I am celebrating my one year anniversary of doing Storytime Live – this coming Wednesday is the one year mark! Crazy, right?

My theme of March is Gifting. Gifting people with surprises, good deeds and love. We talked about it on Storytime last night and all the winners last night got duplicate gifts. One for them and one to gift-away. I also challenged all the children (and adults) watching to gift people this week and then tell me their experience as their comment entry for next weeks Gift-Away.

For the entire month of March every penny I make in my Etsy store will be donated to a family that is in need. They have six children and are going through something that no parent ever should have to. I can’t go into details for legal reasons, but please know that if buy anything from me in March 100% of the profits will go to this amazing family. May they feel our support and outpouring of LOVE to them!

Adding a bunch of stuff to my store today, but feel free to begin browsing by clicking below!

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