I Love My Magical Life.

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“I Love My Magical Life” is an open edition 8×10 print of my original ink illustration. Inspired by the children at all my school visits who always seem so very relieved and reassured when I tell them that I (and all adults) make tons of mistakes and mess up and have to do things again and that life is hard. We are all in this together. We need to embrace the messy, beautiful, chaos that is life. And help each other see that it is OKAY to mess up – and still love yourself and your life so much.
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magical life print_square

4 thoughts on “I Love My Magical Life.

  1. Happy birthday! Nathan and I will be there tonight with our birthday hats on! I expect Kevin to be wearing his!

  2. Happy Birthday Storytime!! Tasha, and Vader will be on tonight. (they may have to watch it later if Tasha has to work late).
    Tasha and her fiancee Chet, helped Caryn this week with a home project. Did not want to be paid!

  3. Happy Anniversary Michelle with Storytime! I am “addicted” to your storytimes now!! šŸ™‚
    You asked what we gifted to another, and I gave supplies (blanket, handwarmers, food…and hope) to a homeless militaryveteran. I also helped out another friend. (Normally I would not state what I have done for others, because it is to be unconditional….and it is,….but, you asked…so I am stating it.)
    I will be on this afternoon with bells on!
    Hugs and Love, Caryn

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