Happy Birthday to Storytime Live!!!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to STORYTIME LIVE!! Tonight at 7:30pm eastern standard time!

It’s been a year since I started Storytime Live! Thank you to all who have watched from the beginning and those of you tuning in for the first time! I love you all! It has been so much fun and I really can’t believe it has been a year!

Watch tonight as we have an extra special Storytime where I read ALL my books! And have extra fun gift-aways! Comment on this post for a chance to win! If you watched last week, please comment any fun gifting you did this week!

Watch tonight by clicking on this link or on the photo below!

48 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to Storytime Live!!!!

  1. I just told Caroline that you were going to read ALL your books on Storytime live tonight, and she turned, looked at me and said “Well, I am not gonna miss THAT!” We are in the ER at the moment with a biking injury! Perfect thing to take her mind off the pain. Just make sure Kevin makes it, cause I want to see him!

  2. Happy Birthday Storytime Live!! We gifted our 2nd print that we won to my niece (her parents are going through a divorce and it has been pretty tough on her). She was smiling real big and so was my 3 year old son when he gave it to her! Danny, Lorelei, Joshua and I will be watching tonight!!! (Have an alarm/reminder set!) All of your books? Going to be so awesome!!!

  3. Our second Bob print will be going to the first grader’s teacher. We haven’t given it to her yet, I’m wanting to put it in a frame for her still.

  4. Happy birthday storytime!! We are excited to be watching tonight. The kids have their books ready!

  5. Kiran, Jody, Shaylie, and Seamus will be there with bells on! We are hoping our dear friends, the Denny’s, in Grand Forks, ND will join in too!

  6. Happy Birthday to story time. The best present ever to have your Husband home. Please tell him thank you for his service. We will have to watch late, daylight saving time does a number on the schedule

  7. Congratulations! What a fantastic year! Carolyn, Samantha and Allison will be there tonight to help celebrate!

  8. Happy, happy birthday to Storytime! We were planning to go to a library event, but will also rush home in time to listen to you <3

  9. Happy Birthday, STL! Just printed out Dog and Mouse puppets 🙂 Looking forward to this evening!

  10. Kelly gave away some of her funplex prize tickets to a kid she didn’t know, and still to my surprise used the tickets she’s been saving up for a year and got her brother a basketball!

  11. Happy Birthday!! So excited for tonight! I was able to give away afew Usborne books this week to people :). Felt awesome!!

    • Hi Aryn! You won a gift on Storytime! Can you email me your address at whatifmonster @ gmail.com please?

  12. I love your story times and my kids do to. My favorite book to read to the kids is WhatIf Monster. HAPPY 1 year!!

  13. I’ve recently learned about your books from Usborne and my son and are in love! We are excited to add to our library. I’ve recently viewed Cats, Cats! I’m excited about reading and owning all the other books.

  14. Happy Birthday! I can’t believe we have been watching for a year already! Makenna & Malakai will be watching::)

  15. Happy Birthday Storytime Live!! We have not done our nice thing for others yet, waiting for the stomach bug to leave our home once and for all but we will be making goodies for the members of our local fire station.

  16. Yay!! Happy anniversary on your storytime live 🙂 so fun, your so sweet. Cora loves watching every week. Thank you!

  17. Happy Birthday Storytime Live! We’re excited to watch! This week I gave away a basket of books to a preschool silent auction and yesterday I gave away some baby flash cards to a sweet little 9 month old 🙂

  18. Yay!! The boys are super excited to tune in! We sent a fun letter and drawings to our compassion child this week!

  19. Happy birthday to storytime live you are just an inspiration of art to me. I wish I was you I have been drawing on this canvas trying to make the elephant unicorn it was very cute

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