April 1, 2015 Storytime Live at 7:30pm! (eastern)

Come join me for some fun on Storytime tonight! I will be reading you Dog and Mouse and talking about being a SUPERHERO! You can be a superhero to yourself and others! It’s easier than you ever could have thought! Can’t wait to see you!

As always, comment on this post for a chance to win a gift from me to you!

Click here or on the photo below at 7:30pm to watch me live! Create a Livestream account if you want to be able to chat with me too! (watching does not require an account)

35 thoughts on “April 1, 2015 Storytime Live at 7:30pm! (eastern)

  1. Excited for this weeks storytime. We missed last weeks. This has now become our quiet time before bed. 😄

  2. Can’t wait! My 2nd daughter loves Mouse – and she loves the artwork we received in the mail! She chose one of Mouse :0)

  3. Natalile, Scott and Maria have been asking about storytime since they woke up this am! Excited as always to hear Dog and Mouse!

  4. I will try to be there tonight. I have a lot of reading for homework to do….but, will definitely watch before going to sleep tonight. (If I don’t make it to the live storytime)

  5. Super excited!! Izzy and I will be there. We had a tough day and got a surprise gift from you and it helped a whole lot!! Thanks again!!

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