She tells Stories by the Seashore! Storytime Live at 7:30pm eastern tonight!

First of three Storytime Lives that will be by the Seashore in June and July!

Join us tonight for a reading of Bob is a Unicorn, a few fun facts about my new book, Cordelia and a peek at the new GIANT painting I am doing for the beach house!

I can’t wait to see your lovely, lovely faces!

As always, comment on this blog post for a chance to win a gift (painted seashells!!) tonight!!

Click here or on the photo below to watch live on Livestream at 7:30pm eastern. (You don’t have to register to watch, but you do if you want to chat live with me and all the other viewers – which is TOTALLY fun, you should TOTALLY chat with us!!)

38 thoughts on “She tells Stories by the Seashore! Storytime Live at 7:30pm eastern tonight!

  1. Can’t wait!! Izzy and I have been imagining what kind of magic you will create on that canvas. She is hoping your beach home will inspire an under the sea book.

  2. Can’t wait to join you on the beach! We are celebrating Hadleys fourth birthday today and she’s 100% into horses and unicorns. We went horseback riding this weekend to celebrate.;) I’m sure she will enjoy Bob’s take on unicorns tonight!

  3. So jealous that you are enjoying the beach weather!! Cora will be watching tonight with her Nana 😉

  4. We will be watching 🙂 Michael felt so special with all of his birthday wishes and insist his milk every morning needs to be in his what if monster Mug, thank you for always making my kids feel so special.

  5. Hey,

    You are so awesome to think of painting on seashells. I will try my best to watch live!


  6. Danny, Lorelei and Joshua (and me, too!) will be watching!!! I cannot wait to see the sneek peek of what art you are creating and hearing about Cordelia!!!

  7. We LOVE sea shells and we LOVE Miss Michelle!!! SUPER combo! Maliaka and Niya are so excited!

  8. Anella, Iven and I will be watching tonight! GRANDMA Lory ( also an artist) will be watching with us! We are soooo excited!

  9. Love the Bob seashell!!! I will be on either live or listen later tonight, Thank you for sharing the sea with us!

  10. Love beach story time! Tell Kevin and Sophie I expect them to be on! We will log on as soon as softball is over (If I don’t die playing!)

  11. I am so sad we won’t be able to listen live tonight because I have a meeting, but Maleah and Tristyn will probably not so patiently remind me in the morning to watch the replay. I think they love Ms Michelle!

  12. So excited to hear you tonight! We made it last night but commented too late. I remembered tonight though!! Jorja, Livie, Cadence and Melissa are ready!!

    • we haven’t been around for Storytime in a few weeks – the kids are going to be so excited you’re doing it from the beach this week! We’ll be there!

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