July 8, 2015 Beachy Storytime Live at 7:30pm (eastern)!!

Join me tonight to hear the story of Beatrice the Blue Whale who showed up 2 weeks ago in my imagination and asked me to paint her!

As of this moment? I do not have a story yet. Nope. Not a single word written down.

So I must go and WRITE! See you tonight my lovelies!

As always, comment on on this post by 7:25pm tonight for chance to win a SUPER AWESOME GIFT!
Watch the live version or recorded version to find out if you won!!

Seriously, this is so cool you are gonna die. Not really, but maybe black out for a moment. SO CUTE! JOIN ME!!

Click here or on the photo below to watch at 7:30pm eastern standard time to watch LIVE!
(You don’t have to register to watch, only if you want to chat live with me and other viewers. And it is all FREE!)

Beatrice paintingStorytime

67 thoughts on “July 8, 2015 Beachy Storytime Live at 7:30pm (eastern)!!

  1. I love the colors of your painting. I have those colors in my office. Fabulous. Beatrice is awesome!!! Can’t wait to hear her story.

  2. We can’t wait! And we received the Bob shell yesterday – many thanks! It is now on top of our bookshelf, with the Whatif Monsters we have as well as Bob, the stuffed one :0) Thank you!!!

  3. We will have to watch tomorrow because I am headed to see my new niece!! But def can’t wait to hear all about Beatrice 🙂

  4. Ellie, Cavanna, and I cannot wait. And a bonus – my husband will be here to enjoy it as well! So excited to meet Beatrice!

  5. Makenna & Malakai will be there! They love their What-if Monster necklaces… THANK YOU!

  6. Hi Michelle! I am so excited to learn about Beatrice!! I just LOVE your imagination….and the imaginations it creates within others! I am not sure I will make it “live” tonight…but, I will sure watch the recording if I do not.

  7. Just landed in Naples, multiplied my kid load double today since we Are vacationing with my niece and nephews. May try to watch story time live on the beach from the beach!

  8. I’m so excited! This is such a beautiful painting and we can’t wait to hear the story!
    Felicity and Joseph will be listening tonight!

  9. We haven’t made it in a while because we’ve been playing outside on Summer evenings but are going to try to join you tonight!

  10. We’ve missed story time live for a few months due to T-Ball, but we’re back! And boy have we missed a lot – love Beatrice!! Looking forward to story time!

  11. I’m so glad I’m not too late for comment I’m going to binge on the last couple of these later this evening, so I’m so excited!

  12. Can’t wait to watch/hear this with my daughter. This will be our first time. We love reading together.

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