Super, Awesome, Special Guest Host for Storytime Live tonight at 7:30pm!!!


Do you love awesome BOOKS???

So you love awesome MUSIC???

Do you love awesome PEOPLE???

Then you are gonna LOVE tonight’s Storytime Live!

Join us tonight at 7:30pm from the home of Eric Ode, author, songwriter and musician extraordinaire!! I just love this man and if you don’t know him yet, I know you will too! Find out more about Eric by clicking here:

Seriously, you will not want to miss tonight’s Storytime Live! It is gonna be so much fun!

As always, comment on this post to win a gift tonight. Don’t forget to tune in to watch! You are gonna LOVE the giveaways tonight!!

Click here or on the photo below at 7:30pm to watch live. As always, totally FREE! You don’t have to register with Livestream to watch, only if you want to chat along with all of us live. (It is TOTALLY fun if you join in the chat – so many awesome, fun people to talk to!)


50 thoughts on “Super, Awesome, Special Guest Host for Storytime Live tonight at 7:30pm!!!

  1. We’ll miss you Miss Michelle!!! Wicked excited to see & listen to your special guest as we love his books!!! Hope you’re doing work…😉

  2. Yay! Makenna & Malakai are going to be so excited to see Eric again! They love watching the Storytime Live he did before. Thanks Ms. Michelle!

  3. Nathan & Owen are looking forward to it! We somehow don’t have any Eric Ode books yet. Can’t wait to check it out tonight!

  4. I am very much looking forward to the storytime tonight!! Thank you Eric Ode for doing storytime!! 🙂

  5. My kids are beyond excited for tonight, the look on Joey’s face when I told him the author of Dan the Taxi Man and Busy Trucks on the Go was doing story time live tonight was priceless.

  6. We have Martial Arts tonight but will try to make it live. Otherwise we will have to “meet” the prerecorded Eric tomorrow!

  7. Ben is very excited to see the author who has written some of his favorite books! Well I guess we could say that about storytime every week! 🙂

  8. oohh bummer, my comment never posted. The boys loved storytime, they just kept waiting for you. hehe

  9. My toddler loved this tonight! She says “goodnight eric thank you” loved the songs. Will this be on youtube or somewhere? She’s already asking for the gopher song again. 🙂

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