Miamisburg, Ohio Rocked My Socks Off!!

Some of you may know that last year my husband was deployed with the Navy Reserve, somewhat unexpectedly. I had to cancel all my already scheduled school visits for the fall because I still had a teenage daughter at home – son was leaving for his first year of college.

It was hard to miss all my beloved children all over the country at my school visits, but what are you going to do? Life and family happens, right? <3

BUT! There was one week that had been planned a year in advance for May, 2015. A super, amazing, very MAGICAL librarian, Debbie Carmichael at Mound Elementary had contacted me after I had been at her school the year before in Miamisburg, Ohio. She wanted to have me come and speak at every single elementary school in their school district. She called it a “Michelle Nelson-Schmidt Extravaganza Week!!”

There was no WAY I was canceling that! That would be CRAZYCAKES, right?! Debbie got grant money and donor money to pay for the whole week. Sherry Hylton, another VERY MAGICAL person and consultant with my publisher, Usborne Books and More, helped arrange all the sales of my books and arranged my accommodations and the most beautiful B&B, The English Manor – seriously, go stay there! It is gorgeous, walking distance from the cutest downtown EVER and the owners are DELIGHTFUL.

After a year of not visiting schools, it was exactly what I needed. And the week could not have been more fantastical, magical and truly the only way to really describe it? Is that my soul was lit up with sunshine for an entire week. Just look and see:

Miamisburg Extravaganza Week! from Michelle Nelson-Schmidt on Vimeo.

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