September 2, 2015 A Very Dog and Mouse Storytime Live at 7:30pm! (eastern)

Sometimes we’re Dog – knowing what we want and determined not to let anything get in the way of our goals. Perseverance all the way!

Sometimes we’re Mouse – always happy to help in any given situation. There is nothing that feels as good as giving of ourselves!

Sometimes? We’re both.

With the new school year beginning what goals do you have? Who can you help reach or find their goals.

What friends are out there just waiting to be found?

Join me tonight with my sweet friends Dog and Mouse!

As always, comment on this post for a chance to win a gift from me to you!

Can’t wait to see all my little Dogs and Mouses! (Mice, I know, but Mouses is cuter, isn’t it?)

Click here or on the picture below at 7:30pm (eastern) to watch live! It is ALWAYS FREE – and you only have to register if you want to chat along live, you can still watch without registering.

38 thoughts on “September 2, 2015 A Very Dog and Mouse Storytime Live at 7:30pm! (eastern)

  1. So sorry to miss it tonight! We will be doing school open houses and book fairs (yay)! Thanks for brightening our day!

  2. I haven’t had any luck being able to pay the video with my horrible Internet, but I will keep trying! Hopefully I’ll see you later!

  3. If I had to pick a favorite title of yours, this might be it! I’m such a baby and cry when I read it. Having good friends and, more importantly, being a good friend, is such a big deal!

  4. Emily started school this past Tuesday & I started my new job too!!! We have an earlier rise in the morning now, so I’m not sure we’ll be signing on!!! Give Emily a shout out please, as we’ll watch tomorrow!!! Sending our love from NH!!!

  5. Nova & Grady will be on tonight. Its raining here so what a good day for story time. Also glad you picked this book since it is back to school time. It fits perfectly! =)

  6. Now that we’re back in the school routine, the Lenz kids will be “tuning in”!

  7. See you in a bit! Glad we can make it after a hectic few weeks getting back into school-mode :/

  8. Shaylie and Jody will be watching live …Kiran and Seamus will catch it late as they are Fishing the flats with daddy.

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