Special Episode of Storytime Live tonight at 7:30pm! (eastern)

Whatif you were not scared of making mistakes? Whatif you didn’t worry what anyone else thought of who you are and what you want to be? Whatif you just TRIED?

(Whatif Piggy Pie had never jumped into my car? Oh my! Think how different life would be for us both! lol!)

Join me tonight for a reading of Jonathan James and the Whatif Monster as we talk about making friends with the Whatif Monster and overcoming our fears so that we can find out all the amazing and awesome things we are capable of!

And tonight will be a SPECIAL Storytime because I will be broadcasting from Marietta, Georgia and have a special guest! My nephew, Aleks and his best friend, Jake!

You won’t want to miss this extra awesome episode!

As always, comment on this post for a chance to win a gift from me to you!

Click here or on the photo below at 7:30pm (eastern standard time) to watch live! It is always free and you only need to make a Livestream account o chat along live, not to watch.

57 thoughts on “Special Episode of Storytime Live tonight at 7:30pm! (eastern)

  1. Ruth and Lily will be watching tomorrow. Ruth is working a day care book fair this evening. (JJWM and Dog and Mouse are part of the inventory 🙂 ).

  2. We may not make it live because of after school actives but we will get caught up at bedtime 🙂 Can’t have a Wednesday without Mrs. Michelle.

  3. We can’t watch live, but will catch up! And THaNKYOU for last week’s prize! Joelle, Keira Mika and myself were over the moon! Thank you!

  4. We won’t be able to watch live tonight because we will be out to a special dinner for Tristyn’s birthday! But we will watch the replay before bed. Maleah, Tristyn, and mom love storytime!

  5. This is Bryces very favorite book (and mommy needs to hear it again too!) we may be late, just scooting in from church, but we Will be watching tonight! love Bryce, Brady, and Amy

  6. We won’t be watching live tonight as we celebrate our 9th anniversary but we will be watching the replay. Makenna & Malakai love Jonathan James 🙂 Especially his red hair 🙂

  7. Emmy and I will be watching. My daughter has the hardest time with trying to do things as perfect as she can. I think this will be the best story time for her.

  8. My kids Ashley, Ray Jr, and Rayleen are excited for tonight and they love Whatif Monster. See you tonight# 🙂

  9. We are so excited to watch for the first time! My brand new Freshman daughter has a major case of the Whatifs right now!! We love you and your stories Michelle and can’t wait to check it out!

  10. Natalie, Scott and Maria will be watching along with their new baby sister Tess! Can’t wait!

  11. AWE! SO cute <3 We're excited my oldest is able to watch for the first time…he's usually gone on Weds nights! Yay! =)

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