April 20, 2016 Storytime Live in Iowa at 7:30pm! (eastern)

I’m in IOWA!!! Join us tonight as we continue reading about the adventures of Wilbur in Charlotte’s Web by E.B White!

Last week we met some new friends at Wilbur’s new home on Zuckerman’s farm as our sweet little pig adjusted to life there.

Let’s see what’s in store for Wilbur this week!

As always, comment on this post for a chance to win a gift from me to you. This week I found the most adorable little WILBURS at Machine Shed in Ankeny, Iowa!! EEP!! How cute are they!! Comment by 7:30pm tonight for your chance to win!

See you later!!

Click here or on the photo below at 7:30pm eastern/6:30pm central to watch live!


40 thoughts on “April 20, 2016 Storytime Live in Iowa at 7:30pm! (eastern)

  1. Hi Miss Michelle,
    Thanks so much for my Storytime well wishes last week! I’m feeling so much better now!!! I have library today at school & I’m going to ask Mrs. Kirwin, our librarian, to help me find “Charlotte’s Web,” so Mommy & I can read it together.
    All our love,
    Emily ❤️🐷

  2. Donya is still in a very challenging recovery phase 6 days after an
    operation. I think Wilbur can help!

  3. We’ll be watching tonight! Btw, Charlie is in love with with Cordelia and can’t wait for the book to come out.

  4. Oh my goodness! Total cuteness overload!! Shelby would love Wilbur and listening to you read. We will try our very hardest to be there tonight.

  5. Sounds like fun! Hopefully will tune in but it might be early bedtime for Charlotte (she’s been sick since Saturday 🙁 )

  6. A tiny Wilbur?!?!?!? Gasp! We will be watching and I know two boys that would LOVE a Wilbur. 🙂

  7. Can’t wait!!!! Danyel turned 5 yesterday, we won’t be able to watch live tonight (we’ll be watching tomorrow) but he’ll be super excited if you could give him a shout out tonight!!! 😄

  8. Those are the cutest little Wilbur’s EVER! <3 We will be watching live tonight! Xander, Jaxx, Nova, and Roux

  9. We are loving “Charlotte’s Web” very much!! Looking forward to tonight’s reading.

  10. My girls are loving Charlotte’s Web. Maleah wanted to read ahead, but Tristyn doesn’t want to go passed Ms Michelle. 🙂

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