No Storytime Live tonight

I’m so sorry, y’all, but I am sick. I’m coughin’ and sneezin’ and weezin’. It’s not so much fun. I caught some super sonic super strong germ somewhere out in Iowa that has got me needing to sleep and rest.

I have a school visit in Alabama tomorrow, so I have to rest as much as I can today.

I promise to be back next week and we’ll make it extra fun!!

In the meantime, spread some Storytime Love around to others. Sprinkle that magic love everywhere you can. It’s making me feel better already!

I’ll miss you and promise to see you next week! I Pinkie Promise!


3 thoughts on “No Storytime Live tonight

  1. We are sorry you are not feeling well…stupid super sonic germs. Eat some soup, get some rest, feel better soon, and we’ll see you next week! 🙂
    Love, Summer

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