Today, I will.

Cordelia_promoToday, I will be kind to myself, but I will also be fierce. I will venture into territory that truly terrifies me – that I know nothing about. I will be brave and walk into the day holding hands with my little green monster until he is comforted and releases his tight grip. I will show myself and the world that I deserve to be here even when I don’t have any idea what I’m doing. I will remember that at some point, even the most accomplished and gifted writer, scientist, entrepreneur, artist, athlete, scholar  – just had to begin – and were probably terrified too.

I will make mistakes. I will mess up. I will fall down. I will get up. I will learn and move on. I will forgive myself for falling short of my plans and expectations. When it gets overwhelming, when it’s just too much to control, when anxiety grips my insides and the tears threaten to blur my vision, I will remember to let go.

Because The Universe has my back. The Universe would not give me so much passion, so much desire, so much drive, so much vision and not also conspire with me to make it so. I will trust that The Universe will conspire with me to meet the right people, make the right choices, have exactly the right timing. Because I, like everyone else here on this earth, am here to find and become the best versions of myself – we each have that purpose.

When I have worked as hard as I possibly can, I will trust the rest to The Universe.

I will be grateful today. Grateful for all I have been given and gifted. Grateful for all of my accomplishments, grateful for the life I have gotten to live so far. Grateful for the absolute pleasure and privilege it is to be alive.

Today, I will be the hero of my own story.

Today, I will Cordelia UP!

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