June 15, 2016 Storytime Live at 7:30pm (est)

My little ginger-haired girl is finally here!

Join me tonight so I can introduce you to a tenacious little girl who will help you remember that no matter what happens in life, ultimately, we are the heroes of our own stories.

I know life has been hard lately. I know the news has been devastating to watch and to hear. If you need 30 minutes of smiles and magic and an escape – to a bit of happiness and joy to rest up and gain strength – I promise to give that to you. I can’t fix the world, but I CAN provide a safe and happy and loving place for us to gather and take a breath and remember there is so much good in the world too. Please join me with your children, or alone. We’d love to have you – Stoytime is a truly magical place where all are welcome…just as you are.

As always, comment on this post by 7:15pm for a chance to win a gift from me to you!
***You don’t have to watch live to win, but you do have to watch by next week and email me at whatifmonster@gmail.com by Wednesday next week to claim you gift.***

Click here or on the photo below at 7:30pm to watch live!

104 thoughts on “June 15, 2016 Storytime Live at 7:30pm (est)

  1. I LOVE Cordelia!!!! The boys are SO excited to hear you read this book and they are DYING for their Cordelia doll. πŸ™‚ See you tonight!

  2. ❀️❀️❀️ Yay!!!! Cannot wait for my kids to hear you read her book!

  3. We love Cordelia and can’t wait to add her to our library with Bob and our little green monster! πŸ™‚

  4. LOVE it! My daughter and I both have high functioning Asperger’s, and the Whatif Monster is a favorite for us with all of the anxiety that goes with the diagnosis. My personal experience with undiagnosed Asperger’s as a child was full of bullying and ridicule, and when you read Cordelia to us at convention this year I full on cried. Thank you so much for something so amazing to read to my daughter and help her know she’s perfect just as she is. : )

  5. I am so excited for Cordelia! I hope you will continue to write new stories for many years to come!

  6. So excited to meet your newest baby! Keegan (4), Maddy (10), and Richard (1) will be joining me as well. πŸ™‚ Thank you for doing this. It’s a nice quiet moment in a busy week.

  7. Can’t wait to meet Cordelia! The girls are eager to get their hands on a book and Cordelia doll each!

  8. My family is already in love with Cordelia! Reading her story together was one of the first things we did when I got home from Convention (they had to try on my superhero cape first, but Cordelia followed that immediately!). <3

  9. I’ve read this book to my kids everyday, multiple times a day, since I got home after Convention. Can’t wait for them to hear YOU reading your book!

  10. Cordelia has such an important message to share. I’m excited for everyone getting to meet her!

  11. Brought tears to my eyes at convention πŸ™‚
    Looking forward to listening again; this time with my kiddos! Such an important and amazing message πŸ™‚

  12. I am so excited to meet this beautiful ginger-headed girl!!! Her rock sits in my wallet (where the change would normally go), and when I need to remember who I am….who I need to be…I hold her in my hand! I missed the story of how she came to life, which saddens me because that alone always has a beautiful message.
    Tonight I will watch after I get home from bathing rescue puppies. Cordelia will be my bedtime story tonight, and I cannot wait!
    And Yes…..it is a time of needing to breathe and heal from the sadness that still remains in this world. Thank you for making that happen, Michelle.<3

  13. Hi Miss Michelle,
    I cannot wait for next Tuesday….school is out!!! I’m looking forward to watching Storytime again! I cannot wait for Cordelia, so Mommy can order it for me!!! Hope you’re well!
    All my love from NH,
    Emily πŸ™‚

  14. Tristyn had dance on Wednesday during the summer, but reminded me twice this morning that we can watch the replay when she gets home. The Miller girls love Ms Michelle and I can’t wait for them to meet your newest baby! <3, Tiffany, Maleah, & Tristyn

  15. Oh we can’t wait, I have already been asked twice to make the day go faster, more fun things til story time πŸ™‚

  16. I cannot wait to immerse ourselves in more of your magical world tonight! Miss Cordelia and Miss Michelle are superstars in our life. Hoping my nieces and nephews are able to join us!

  17. We watched you from home at UBAM convention, and were instantly enamoured with Cordelia!! Can’t wait to watch again!
    Total Michelle Nelson-Schmidt day in our house!! Our original Whatif Monsters arrived in the mail today too!! 😁

  18. We are so excited to meet Cordelia! We could use some happiness in our house since our basement flooded last night πŸ™‚ Makenna & Malakai will be watching while mom & dad clean the basement.

  19. So I wish we could listen tonight but I have to work but I’m only working 1 or 2 more Wednesday’s because I’m putting in my notice today! πŸ™‚ then I’ll be a book lady all the time :p not just part time.

  20. SO EXCITED!!! I’ll be tuning in with my 3 little ones (age 5, 3, and 1!). They are HUGE What-If monster fans….can’t wait for them to meet Cordelia!

  21. Can’t wait for my boys to hear you read Cordelia. They have read it so many times since I brought it home! My 6 year old really understood the message and it something he really needs to be reminded of. Thanks for creating such amazing books!

  22. I’ll be watching alone tonight as I recover from surgery but I can’t wait to hear her story! The kids will have to watch tomorrow

  23. I’m so excited to meet Cordelia tonight since I didn’t go to convention.

  24. George and I will be watching tonight – with our Cordelia! I read him the book as soon as we were finally home together today and he LOVED it! So excited to get to hear your passion about it tonight!

  25. Cordelia is adorable!! Was able to view the book on the Kane Miller website πŸ™‚ love love love her story!!

  26. Can’t wait! It’s been a rough week for us so we could use some happy! AJ and James are looking forward to it!

  27. Christian and I are SO excited to finally meet Cordelia! We have her partners in life, WhatIf and Bob, and can’t wait to have her join them. Love the WhatIf business card holder too. As a polymer artist myself, I’d give it a 10. Christian and Kathryn Ottman

  28. I don’t know if I can watch you read Cordelia again, I have cried each time! I love this book and I love Cordelia. You’re not so bad yourself πŸ˜‰ Thank you for doing what you do no matter what.

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